Having work done.


For a long time the back of our garden has been very overgrown. We made the mistake of putting in Russian vine, which is a fast growing plant which grows long trailing vines and overtakes everything, which it did! The old broken fence was pulled down by it and we ended up with a 3ft wide by 3ft high pile of vegetation which was a barrier, but was unsightly. My partner also started putting plant cuttings on top of it so it got higher and messier.

So a decision had to be made. Our garden is full of wildlife but we need a fence and we are having a couple of sheds put in to store the feral bicycles that we have dotted around the garden. My partner has a love of bikes and he likes to Potter around on them choosing a bike depending on how he’s feeling. They need looking after.

I’m also having a summer house put in so I can paint in there in the summer, or just sit and read a book.

Luckily we got a deal on the sheds as they are ex display and we are having the fence builder put them up to save on the cost of putting them up by the people who are delivering them.

Anyway there are gale force winds and rain out there at the moment. Rain has stopped play.

Paint bubbles

1545514334425Its not something I’ve seen before but the new paintwork in our kitchen bathroom extention has started to bubble where it is painted in gloss..

When we tried pushing one of the bubbles it burst and water ran out. I don’t know where its come from. We had some problems when the work was done, but I thought it might be coming down from the roof? It’s not urgent but worrying that it’s happened at Christmas. It’s going to possibly have to wait for the new year to be fixed.


The contents of my kitchen

Are in my living room!

Its 10.21 am, and I am surrounded by “stuff” from the kitchen, pots, pans, plates, potatos, peas….ok enough p’s.. although I am a bit “peed” off.

We were promised that work would start today, well it was a bit of a vague promise along the lines of  “all being well”. Being a little naive about these things I expected the workman to arrive, possibly very early, to begin the job. But having seen numerous tv make over programmes I guessed it might not happen.  Especially after he didn’t answer his phone to me, so I have resorted to leaving text messages.

Having a husband with anxiety issues has made things doubly difficult. I cannot bin a lot of things because of his attachments to them. To be honest I’m also not able to let go of some things either. We have had to look at everything and decide what to keep and what to bin or give away. I’m posting photos …the heap of stuff is minus the bike parts which were in two of the cupboards.

What would you do in this situation?


Things were sorted out and we now have a starting date. I had assumed there was a problem when in actual fact it was a genuine mistake. However my excuse is that because of my husband’s anxiety things can seem far worse than they actually are.


The empty box at the front is for the cat!