Car is home!

I have got my car back! Finally after a week of waiting for it I can breathe a sigh of relief. But among all of the hassle I realise how anti public transport I am. I think it’s because I’ve used buses and taxis in the past, and I don’t know the routes or timings for the buses, and often when I’ve ordered a taxi it hasn’t turned up. One time I had to walk home from hospital because there were non available. Also since the pandemic I try to avoid groups of people, so buses worry me.

Having a car is a freedom and a curse. I walk less and don’t cycle anymore because I have one. I don’t know what to do if we have to get rid of it. The car is very old and it’s like an old pair of shoes, if it needs repairing I have to pay out because I can’t afford to replace it with another (second hand) one. But at least by keeping it we are not wasting new resources.

Car saga.. Again

Plans, don’t make them! The mechanic was ill yesterday. He’s a lovely chap, and really helpful. But he can’t help being under the weather. So yesterday he said ring today and the car should be done. Unfortunately it isn’t. He fixed the problem with the earthing of the starter motor but today when he tried running it, it was very feeble. It’s worn out basically. So now he’s ordered another one for Friday but he can’t say when it will arrive. I explained ideally I need to go somewhere tomorrow, but as he said he has no control over the deliveries. I have to accept this (the world does not revolve around me). I’m just thankful it’s getting done.

Moss on our car

I haven’t bothered to wash the car for months. I hardly drive it unless we are going for a walk round Westport Lake and that’s only a few miles. Why?

Covid, keeping away from people.

Fuel costs, I’ve only filled it up about six times in a year.

Walking to the shops. I’m slow and shaky but the car is not needed.

My shaking arm, its uncomfortable to drive.

So I was deciding whether to wash it, but I found this little mound of moss. I think I will let it be. Let nature take its course. After all I can always get a bucket of water on it. Its old and hard to get parts, but it’s a good car.

Car door update…

We have an old car (no not this one) but parts for it are getting harder to find.

I had to have a new drivers side inside door catch because the old one snapped. We couldn’t get the right one so had to wait for something similar from Latvia. I picked it up from the garage and the door was a bit stiff, I got home, locked the car but when I went to open it later it wouldn’t unlock, in the end we got in by unlocking the passenger door and leaning across to open the drivers door from the inside. We took it back to garage and they oiled the catch and took the surround taken off as it looks like it was catching on it.. Fingers crossed….I don’t want to scrap the car because of it..