Broken car!

The ice and cold have killed my car battery. I tried several times to start it (with gaps in between to let it rest). I turned everything off, had it in neutral, gave it a little gas to try and get the engine to turn over. Just a splutter or two, then nothing.

I left it an hour and tried again. No joy. The battery is probably four years old and has been struggling when I’ve used the car lately. I haven’t been out much and then only short distances so the alternator hasn’t had the opportunity to charge it up. Cold and damp makes electric power seep away somehow and this last few days have definitely drained it.

In hope I rang a local garage, they have the right battery in stocks, but they can’t fit it, you just need some spanners they said. Half an hour on trickle charge from the charger just brightened the lights on the dashboard a bit. No chance of getting it going.

I then remembered I have breakdown cover! We breakdown so infrequently that I don’t remember to use it. They can’t say when they will be here, but they are at least coming out. Hooray.

Car door update…

We have an old car (no not this one) but parts for it are getting harder to find.

I had to have a new drivers side inside door catch because the old one snapped. We couldn’t get the right one so had to wait for something similar from Latvia. I picked it up from the garage and the door was a bit stiff, I got home, locked the car but when I went to open it later it wouldn’t unlock, in the end we got in by unlocking the passenger door and leaning across to open the drivers door from the inside. We took it back to garage and they oiled the catch and took the surround taken off as it looks like it was catching on it.. Fingers crossed….I don’t want to scrap the car because of it..

Flat tyre…

That was not fun!

We had been out for our afternoon walk and I decided to go out again because I’d forgotten something from the shop up the hill. I asked my hubby if he wanted to come out again. Yes, so I got in the car and he walked round the passenger side only to find the rear tyre was completely flat.

That’s OK we have a tyre inflating pump? In the car? No….? Hubby thinks he’s ‘borrowed it’ to inflate his motorbike tyres. He also ‘borrowed’ my car keys to look in the boot of the car….

It wasn’t in the boot so he went off to look in the kitchen (as you do) and then the shed….Half an hour later, the only thing he could find was an old footpump and a bike pump with a shrader connector. I couldnt find my keys- until I spotted them stuck in the passenger side door- where he had left them when he went in search of things walked off!

I said I would walk to the local garage while he tried the foot pump. I decided to go and buy another inflator so there would be enough air in the tyre to drive down the garage and inflate it fully with their air machine. Off I walked while he, having given the foot pump a go and not getting any air in the tyre started with the bicycle pump! I came back with a new air compressor to find he had managed to half inflate the tyre! We then tried the new compressor ( I turned on the engine- he attached the valve to the tyre) No, it didnt seem to work! So I decided to drive us down to the garage…I asked where the foot pump was and he said he had left it on the pavement,

The flat wheel registered at 22 psi- thats not bad going for a bike pump! the other three were worryingly about 24. They should be a lot more than that, I pumped them all up to 33psi, although one did seem to lose a bit of air, perhaps its because the car has been standing still for most of the last year- I’ve only filled it up once every four to six weeks!

We went off to get some shopping and then came home. I thought I saw something like an old tin can next to the pavement in the road…CRUNCH! It was the footpump he had left.. Next to the kerb! I hope the drivers side tyres will be oK!


Just at the bottom of this picture is the inner door catch of my car. I’d been out to the shop and when I got back I tried to open the door, and it snapped off in my hand! I had to get someone to open the door from the outside. I called the AA (automobile association) and they came out quickly. But all they coukd do was thread a cable tie round the pinion inside the door… Now I can pull on a bit of plastic, and if that doesn’t work lower the window and pull the catch on the outside… Hopefully I will be able to manage until the catch is replaced!

One of those days.


Grey and depressing, icy cold, big droplets of rain. Disappointing as well, I keep trying to get the car mended (someone broke my wing mirror, the glass is cracked, and someone must have reversed into my nearside wing, it’s all scraped and dented. But I rang up, and the mechanic, who is trying to find the right mirror rang in sick this morning. I will have to try again tomorrow. Then I collected some paintings from my studio to try and get into a local craft centre. But the owner has been inundated with local artists. He is interested in more work but needs to sell some art first. He has had people in but one comment he got was “is it really That much?” for one if the pieces in there. It’s the usual thing in this area, people don’t have money, or if they do they don’t want to spend it. It’s depressing (oh I’ve already said that)……