Co-op Stoke


I love this old domed building in Stoke. I had thought it was a cinema, but apparently it was a co-operative shop before it closed down. I still think it was probably a cinema before that? It’s so grand. The white of the building and the browns and terracottas of the building on front of it make a good contrast. The hot was taken from the Spode Site car park in Eleanora Street, Stoke. The view is looking towards Hartshill and the D Road. It was taken on my phone one day last week.

Last year


Or was it the year before? We went to see a play at Spode, another by Debbie McAndrew, probably Hot Lane. There was a car from the 1950’s as part of the set up. It was parked in the pathway between some of the buildings at the Spode Site. I took a picture of it and decided to make it look more authentic by turning it into a black and white photo.

I like monochrome pictures, they can be more atmospheric. I hope you like it.


The D Road.

The D Road is a play we went to see today about a woman affected by the D Road.


The D Road is a dual carriage way that runs through Stoke-on-Trent and joins with the M6 motorway North and south of the city making a D shape.

The play is written by Debbie McAndrew. The story unfolds as an elderly lady is frightened by a man hanging around her house. Her grandson catches him and demands to know what he is up to…. The answers change all their lives…

Very enjoyable. Put on inside the Meadows suite at Spode. It was quite cold as its an empty factory, so we were given blankets to keep warm. Very enjoyable.

Making glass pieces


Just been making some more glass work. I used some more dichroic glass to add some sparkle and interesting effects. Now waiting to be fired by my friend Angela who ran the workshop. Hopefully they will come out nice and I can use them for jewellery. Each piece is about half the size of previous ones I’ve done.

Wall at Spode


This is a wall in the China halls in Spode. Water has got in and damp is creeping up the wall. The fire extinguisher and bracket is long gone but the signs remain. I love the red and green contrasting colours, and it’s clear where the wall has been rebuilt or pointed and the scars of its life, like scars on a face. The dereliction is like an aging body, cracking and damaged.

I love flaking paint, brickwork and seeing the history written in the structure. I love taking photos of it and trying to paint it.

Craft fair

Well, it rained. As you can see from the photos. Even so it was good to do the craft fair at spode today. I met some lovely people who were very helpful despite the fact I was having a bad morning. I’d arrived after very little sleep and getting up later than I intended.

It was lovely to hear classical music being played by a violinist, he was really good. Sadly I didn’t get his name.

I didn’t do that well. I don’t know if I was too close to the door, or if my art was not trendy enough. I sold a few things and some people took cards with my details on. I am shattered but happy. I may not have made a fortune, but made some good friends.




I think this is my last painting for the craft fair, I’m getting too tired. This owlet was on a calendar and I couldn’t resist painting it. I think it is so cute. X

I find painting feathers and fur difficult. You can’t paint every strand of hair, tuft of fur, or every feather but if I can get a good impression of the details, that will have to do.