My friends book…


Image by N. F. Mirza from her book.

I don’t do reviews…

But (you know one was coming). I just sat down to read ” Swinging Sanity” a book of poetry by my friend N. F. Mirza, who I know as ‘stoneronarollercoaster’ at WordPress.

I’ve known her for a while and found out she was a writer and now a published poet. Her book is a small volume. But it’s full to bursting with poetry full of emotion. As she moves through life, using it to discover her mental health and wellbeing.

The poems are forceful, I’m no poetry critic, but I found them easy to read. Some of them touched raw nerves, and you can see her heart torn open in many of them. I particularly liked Ocean and I become one.

ISBN 9798618202992.

Keep calm and ignore the news

My hubby just asked what I think will happen with corona virus and I have to say I don’t know. What I do know is that the news on TV and the radio is making me more anxious. My shoulders are so tense they are aching. My neck feels like it has the weight of the world on it. As someone with health issues I should hide away for twelve weeks, but I’m also my hubby’s carer. He does things to help or tries to, but sometimes gets a bit confused. I don’t think anyone will stop him going out! The traffic on the street outside is a lot quieter than normal. This is a manufacturing area that has been in decline for a few years. Let’s hope the illness doesn’t decimate it.

Anyway I don’t like the editor I’m using. I’ve found categories and tags, but can’t share to Facebook where I add my art, so I will keep calm and post there seperately.