Christmas cards

One thing I do love is getting Christmas cards. I wish I’d got addresses to respond to some of them. They arrive, and I can’t always find the address to respond. I had a letter off a good friend earlier in the year. I wrote back, but lost the original letter. I can’t address a card to ‘my friend’ ‘North of england’. I don’t think it would work like it does for ‘Santa, North Pole’.

I’m not putting up any decorations this year except for the cards.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.

Christmas cards?

To send or not? If it were not 2020 I might have sent a lot of my cards via email, or drawn things to add to Facebook or Instagram. But because I can’t visit I’ve decided to send cards. I hope it’s safe. I think they should be OK and I hope they won’t spread germs? But it does make me think and wonder. I am washing my hands after I’ve opened the mail, (and washing any shopping that comes into the house). Life is strange. I wonder what the consensus is about this. Would you post online or in the mail?

Christmas cards…

That time of year again, close to the last posting day for cards, and I’ve lost my address book!

Cue frantic call to my sister, texted her too. I might think I know the addresses but I can’t remember them fully. The postcodes have foxed me. I also can’t remember the name of the husband of one of my sisters, or my aunts surname. That’s scary!

I shall go and delve in a cupboard. Wish me luck.