Christmas cards?

To send or not? If it were not 2020 I might have sent a lot of my cards via email, or drawn things to add to Facebook or Instagram. But because I can’t visit I’ve decided to send cards. I hope it’s safe. I think they should be OK and I hope they won’t spread germs? But it does make me think and wonder. I am washing my hands after I’ve opened the mail, (and washing any shopping that comes into the house). Life is strange. I wonder what the consensus is about this. Would you post online or in the mail?

Idea for a painting

Sprig moulded jug? Longport

Hmm, still thinking about painting this. I like the colours and the ellipses. It looks good against the dark green background. The pattern on the plate has colours matching in with the jug and the wall. If I paint it I think I will enlarge the jug slightly, it’s a little small for the composition.

Dappled light

Under acer trees at Jodrell Bank radio telescope observatory a couple of years ago. The place now has an arboretum with many species of trees, and various features including the solar system laid out at distances and sizes in scale to it.

There are new attractions there if you haven’t been there for a few years and if you have been it’s still worth a visit. (You may have to book at the moment).

The radio telescopecitselfvis a massive structure supporting a huge dish. The supports it tips up on come from a ship. It is very impressive.