Solo exhibition


My latest exhibition is coming up next week. The opening is on 13.9.19 at 6.30pm. There will be wine and snacks (thats what you do at openings).

The Waiting room gallery is at Longport in Stoke-on-Trent. It’s a new gallery and art centre who are also working on Longport railway station and who are trying to restore the historic buildings there. You couldn’t meet a nicer group of people.

I’m very pleased to invite anyone who can come along to see the exhibition.

If you can’t make it I’ve also got paintings exhibited at the Brampton museum in Newcastle-under-Lyme from this weekend to the 10th of November and a painting at Acava Open Studios at Spode Site this weekend. The opening of the Spode show is on Saturday evening. So it’s busy busy busy!


Yesterday at Westport lake

It’s hot, I’m tired, I can’t sleep. I got a bit burned in the sun yesterday while I was drawing at Westport lake. These are just quick biro sketches on a Crawford and Black A4 130gsm cartridge paper sketch pad. Excuse the setting I don’t have many bright areas in the house that are shadow free so I ended up propping them up on the gas oven. Ah the joys of photography at 3am! Night all!

Cherished Chimneys

I finally got into Cherished Chimneys in Longport, Stoke-on-Trent. Its an Aladdins cave of Chimney pots. Small, short, long, tall, fluted, straight, curved. Dark, light, terracotta, superb ceramics. The shop restores chimneys for buildings where the original pots have been lost, but also sells to the public who use them as ornamental sculptures and flower pots in their gardens. It’s worth taking a look if you are ever passing.

The Waiting Room, longport


Called in at the waiting room gallery in Longport to have a chat and look at the new work in there. I was interested in the memories of Longport exhibition, which was asking for people to write about things that they remember from there. I remembered taking my bike which had damage to the headset to a bike mechanic called Lance. I took the bike in, he lost it from his shop in trubshaw cross. I went back a few times, sorry no bike. I visited again, after a year he found the bike frame but no wheels! I ended up buying another bike, which was too large for me so I sold it and bought a second hand car! After a few more months the wheels were replaced, but too late, I was so unfit I never really cycled again. Apparently the repair man didn’t really think women mattered, so the bike was not important. Now I’m unfit and sad this happened about thirty years ago. I could have stayed well… But that’s life x

The waiting room is an interesting place, they have some good art in there, they are also working along with Longport Station, I’m looking forward to working with them x

Waiting room gallery

If you go into Longport in the potteries (Stoke-on-Trent) and turn off the main road towards the station you will find a new artists led gallery.

The place only opened up this weekend but they have had lots of visitors and sales. There is art by a number of local fine artists for sale. I could not resist asking if I can place some work there and maybe hold an exhibition there.

The gallery is across the road from a shop called cherished chimneys which sells ornamental chimney pots, there was also a sign for a teapot exhibition on another building, and the station building at Longport is also being used as a gallery.

Despite losing City if Culture for 2021 I think artists in the area are proving just what a cultural, artistic city we are.