Pestle and motar

This is a lovely ceramic pestle and mortar I bought at a craft Market a few years ago. I was crushing some garlic for a chilli last night and decided to use this instead of my garlic press which falls apart every time I try and crush more than one clove of garlic.

But thinking about it there are a couple of coincidences linked with it. Last Monday I was wearing a mortar board. Not much of a coincidence, but then after our meal I did a quick crossword clue ‘pounding tool, used with a mortar’? Of course I got the answer

Ginger cat


I don’t paint ginger cats very often, but I painted this on a bauble last week on a whim. Then the next day I was talking to a friend and she showed me a photo of her relatives cat. He’s a ginger Tom!

Yes coincidence, but it was bizzare. Its almost time was going backwards, or I’m predicting something that hasn’t happened yet. I know there is an arrow of time, a broken pot doesn’t leap up off the floor and mend itself. It was just strange. Like seeing an exploded star coalescing back into a star, then melting into a disc of dust.

The world is a wonderful, amazing place. Things happen without us understanding.

Anyway I’m glad the cat bauble went to a good home.




I was playing with the masks you can use on Facebook and found one that turned you into a tiger. Then I decided to see how my face would look with one side mirrored. It looked interesting.

Today I was out at a traction engine rally. I had to take a photo of the big cat that was part of its decoration. I think he’s a lion.

But the image reminded me of something. Especially around the eyes…. I feel like saying Snap!