I walked under a tree today and noticed little katkins had opened up under it. The sky was blue but the clouds behind me were dark grey and angry looking. The rain had stopped about half an hour before and I liked the dark blue reflection on the road surface. This was in the centre of Stoke, where I was taking a flat walk because my feet are aching. It was good to get out of the house again, I’m hoping it helps me relax more. X

Abstracted reflection

Trees and roots and cars reflected in a photo, then filtered digitally in various ways. I have buzzing ears today so I don’t want to spend a long time describing what I’ve done to the photo. I could say my whistling ears have been partly responsible for this, undulating noise, like a tide whispering in and out, and the picture seems to be covered in dirty ice that lumps up over the surface? Anyway, it’s just an experiment for today. A bit of synesthesia perhaps?

Making a world

Not satellite images. These are photos of my washing up bowl with the cold water tap running and a little bit of washing up liquid added. The bright patch and the dark curves are the sky and plant leaves reflected in the surface of the water and the running tap gave swirls and vortices that made the slight foam look like swirling clouds.

Missing choir

I’m not going to choir practice yet. I just don’t feel up to it. Singing is such an emotional thing. I just know if I go I will want to cry. I can’t face that yet. When I go back I want to be calm and a lot less stressed. Everything is so painful in my mind and in my body. I maybe should not share these feelings, but sometimes it’s better to say something. I don’t have the energy to worry about anyone else at the moment, and that makes me feel guilty.

To anyone else going through loss, I’d like to send my deepest sympathies, I can’t feel the same way as they do, but I do care.

Canal geese

We saw these Canada Geese on the canal today as we went for a walk after handing my painting in for the three counties open. These look like parents and young (some are in full plumage but smaller). I have plans to do a few more in a similar style for the cafe at the Etruria Industrial Museum. They are swapping out the current paintings on display. Apparently my painting of an owl was too expensive, but how can you ever earn anything if people don’t want to pay. BUT I might consider charging less because I just keep having an increasing collection of them and I really, really want them to go to new homes….

Watch out for a few new paintings over the next couple of days /weeks.

Reflected on brushes

I saw this rainbow light reflected on my brushes this morning. It was being caused by a holographic sketchpad that was on the cupboard next to the brushes. The pad has been there for ages but I’ve never seen this before, it must just be because of the angle of the light. I might try and base a drawing or painting on it. Today’s