Drawing from August 2020? my reflection and my little sketchbook in the patterned swirls of glass in the back door. So often is it that I’m holding my phone that I thought that was what the black square was when I looked at it again. Black pen and coloured pencils to get the effect of glass. I have a lot of sketches from over the period of the pandemic. I was already drawing a lot before it arrived, but I hope my skills have improved over that time.


Jupiter reflection

A painting of Jupiter I did about seven years ago. My friend had a craft centre and this was for sale at her shop. It went to a good home. I always thought the pattern I painted looked a bit like knitting!

His came up on my Facebook memories. I have done so many paintings that I often forget what I have done! This was a large acrylic on canvas. I like the way it appears to be floating in the window. X

The grey lady

I’m still in the process of painting this, but I wanted to add a presence to this painting… _20190511_004612

There are tales of grey ladies haunting old buildings. Why does she look slightly surprised? Perhaps she hasn’t seen her own reflection for centuries, but the dust motes caught in the light of a setting sun have made her image come to life in their brownian motion. Is she looking out over her land, not realising that the past is gone? Seeing people in outlandish clothes? Women in trousers or short skirts? Men in more dowdy attire than she remembers? I toyed with trying to paint a ruff from Tudor times, and her hair up in braids, but I decided she would be in a night shift, hair down, caught between dusk and dawn.

More work to follow on this and other paintings.