Ivans talk about Iceland

We just went to a talk about Iceland by our friend Ivan. He had spent several days on the Island following trails around an area about the size of North Wales and near the capital Reykjavik. I’m sorry but I didn’t take the names of the places he visited but it was bleak and beautiful. Ice was melting in the summer sun and there were several places which were called snow bridges which would collapse under a person’s weight. These were over deep holes and hollows where the packed snow had melted underneath.

Ivan also played video of the landscape including geysers where boiling water was thrown up fifty feet into the air. Steam rose from fumerols and there were plants where power was generated from geothermal energy. Throughout his trip he made friends, camped out, and took beautiful photos. We were lucky to win one of them in a raffle he held. The Penkhull Mystery plays are to be the recipient of any money he collected. A great evening out.


Rainbow garden

My hubby shouted to tell me he had made a rainbow today. The hose was spraying water and the sunlight was behind us and bright.

In one of the photos there is even a double rainbow.



Coloured with light,

shining with sparkles,

water in flight.



glittering brightly,

wonderful vision

droplets so spritely.



water drops glisten

spectrum of sound

making you listen.



to see your smiling bow

happy to watch

your coloured sparks flow.

Photos of Warhorse

I wrote about going to see Warhorse last week, but I did a drawing because we were not allowed to take photos.

Then I found these photos on line. I think they are publicity shots which are allowed to be shared. If they suddenly disappear you will know why.

They just show the beauty and also horror of the play. Such strong sculptural images.


Red sky morning…another bad rhyme

I got up early

after going late to bed

The sun was below the horizon

The sky was deep red.

Got to take a picture

Run downstairs

Get a few shots of it

Then go back to rest

Will the old rhyme come true?

Red sky in the morning

Shepherds warning ?

No sign of rain,

No sign of snow.

A little breeze

But no freeze..

Sunset has come

No reddened sun

So we will see

What is to be.




I took lots of photos of these trees at a garden centre in Wales. Small and perfectly formed, their colours seem to glow against the dull grey sky. A shaft of sunlight makes the colours explode. Glorious and wonderful.

A lot of the leaves are palmate, meaning hand shaped. The leaves are strongly divided into thinner and thinner strips of crimson red or deep yellow at this time of year. We have an acer in our garden but it always seems to have a white sheen to it. I think it is in the wrong place next to a bigger tree which is robbing it of moisture. I sometimes water it to try and help. It changes to a very dark deep red in autumn and its leaves are less indented, more maple like. With the sun shining through them this morning they look bronze or copper coloured.