Chapel window

In Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent is a place called Bethesda Methodist Chapel. It has been being restored over several years now. I have visited to sing there in performances with our choir. The building has gone from a crumbling shell to a much more robust structure. It is currently still being restored. One thing I have noticed are the spectacular stained glass windows. Methodist chapels are usually plain and simple. The wooden pews are unadorned. But the glass windows make me smile. It’s just beautiful art.

Stained glass view

A few weeks ago we visited Rode Hall and the church across the road from it. I was running out of battery power so only took this photo. I just decided to look at it again because I like the colours in the glass. Blues, reds and whites highlight the figures and the textiles and architecture. The detail of the pattern at the top and base of the window panes help link each panel together. Just cutting the glass pieces out must have been so difficult and time consuming. Using lead to hold the glass in place. How do artists manage to do this? I’m full of admiration.

Abstract sky

I went a bit psychedelic when I created this. The bare branches and twigs of the bushes in this photo created cells that I used a flood fill on. There are about three birds on the twigs, you might be able to see them.. The buildings are a line of terraced houses over the road from the hedge. It’s a combination of analogue and digital. It reminds me of stained glass.

Above our door


I designed this about 25 years ago. A cat resting in the window above our front door. My friend Phil Shaw who was a carpenter also knew how to make stained glass, so I drew out the pattern and he made this up for me. It’s been there ever since and I love it. When we had our house double glazed I wanted to have this incorporated into a window but they couldn’t do it, so it remains, behind the single glass window. Letting the sunlight in. Coloured patches on the carpet.

Stoke Minster.

This afternoon, after singing with the curiosity choir, a scratch choir made up of two choirs I’m in and members of the public, I visited a craft fair at Stoke Minster in Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent.

It’s a beautiful victorian church, it’s basically the main church in the city, where funerals of famous city residents have taken place.

This is not a cathedral, but I think it ought to be. If not on religious grounds, then for the respect of the city.

On a dark grey day the windows lightened my mood. So beautiful and poignant.

Glass window?


I was playing around with a photo of the stained glass windows in the church and came up with this. I sort of like it although I’m not sure the church would. When you use flood fill it causes a loss of details so you can’t see the faces on the image. I chose a rainbow flood fill so could create circles on top of the image.



curves and angels

winged with colour

flying high.

Art with rainbows

Black reflections,

illuminating and obscuring.

Circular arguments,

simple shapes

scriptural thoughts

saints and sinners,

seperated by glass.


Through the window


Sitting in the Barnicle cafe, Fenton town hall, Stoke-on-Trent. I looked up and saw the ornamental cherry tree through the window and the stained glass above. The lights were on inside the cafe because the clouds were dark and low, but it was a pleasant place to have a lunch break. Cheese oatcakes and fruit loaf toast were our delicious meal. Sometimes a simple recipe can be as effective in sating your hunger as a complicated and over fancy meal. The friendly atmosphere and warm welcome made it even more pleasant.


House sparrows

We saw some house sparrows in a hedge today “little brown jobbies” as I heard someone call them.

They were perched above us as I pulled the car into a car park. I wanted to get my phone to take a picture but its was on the back seat and the handle was caught in the rear door.

I carefully got out of the car, quietly shut my door and dragged my bag out. I got the phone, it was switched off! Help I had to switch it on and wait for it to warm up. Then a quick look. Four of the sparrows were still there…..

Camera on, click, click, click, (I took three incase of camera shake). Used the zoom option which pixelated them a bit but it was better than trying to creep towards them.

So when I got home I checked what I got. Not bad. I liked all the twigs and branches criss crossing and protecting the birds.

I decided to use the rainbow flood fill option in sketcher to make the sky more interesting. Like stained glass.

In the meantime I have a bad sore throat and feel rough.

I might not be around for a few days.