Merry Christmas /Holidays

Have a happy Christmas

A joyful day for you and me

May all the world be happy

Round the Christmas tree.

I hope you get the things you need

To help you get along.

No matter if you celebrate the season

Maybe even sing a song

Or not, and do something else,

I wish you every happiness

For this year and next

All year long. X

Mince pies

December comes and I fall for delicious mince pies again. These are traditional Christmas treats that historically have been eaten around this time of year. Nowadays they are made with mincemeat which strangely has no meat, but instead is a gooey, sweet mix of dried fruits like sultanas and raisins, possibly some lemon juice and lemon zest. In this pie which was shop bought had bramley apple puree in it too. The filling is enclosed in a short crust pastry dusted with a little icing sugar.

Shop bought are nice enough, but home made are lovely. I tried a couple made by a friend at the weekend. She made them smaller- less calories, and sugar free mincemeat. Tasty and healthy.

I’m not sure what they were made of in the past. I suppose I should look it up. Probably they were ‘fast food’ in the past. Served hot I think? I would imagine they became popular in the Victorian era when Christmas celebrations ramped up with the use of Christmas trees and Christmas cards… I know I should check all of this…. But I’m too busy eating my mince pie!


Illustration idea for a Christmas bauble to hang off the tree. Just a doodle really. Using sharpness and blurring tools, a bit of a texture tool. I guess it would be nice to have patterns printed onto baubles but I don’t know how. Anyway I like it. I would call it an illustration? I guess these patterns could have the hues changed and be put on Christmas cards maybe?

2014 Angel

Before I got a drawing tablet for my computer I used to draw with a mouse. This drawing was put on Facebook in 2014, but I’m sure I had a wacom tablet by then. I actually think it’s around ten years older and that I saved this image on one of the numerous times my hard drive went down. The picture must have been drawn on a basic program, but I can’t remember which. I know it’s a mouse drawing because of the wobbly lines…… I still like it…

Cats and trees

When you have cats sometimes you can’t have Christmas trees. Baubles and tinsel are just too tempting. Cats who climb will be up to the top of the tree in seconds. There is also the danger of them chewing on the tree lights wire. Also you don’t know if they are going to chomp on some of the traditional toys, like tiny Teddy bears, that might have been handed down from generation to generation. Granny’s baby jesus or the angel with real feathers can be casualties! I’ve seen a few videos of anti cat tactics, and the one of hanging the tree from the ceiling looks pretty good. One solution I once did was to cut out the shape of a Christmas tree and container and stick it to a wall, then sticking real baubles and ones you have drawn onto it. Make sure any baubles are stuck on well and are anti shatter. Other ideas include a bauble free tree… But it might still get climbed!

Bye bye baubles


After a week of resisting temptations my cat decided to attack the Christmas tree last night. The round, glittery baubles just got too much for her. Before I knew it she was round the back of it and the whole artificial tree was shaking …. Rocking from side to side . Luckily I was next to it as it started to topple. I caught the top of it and hauled it back upright.

Now the tree is denuded of its colourful decorations, left with only a string of fairy lights and a few strips of shiny paper as a reminder that it is not twelfth night yet. I’ll put the lights on again tonight. ….

Hopefully the cat will have no reason to attack it again now the temptation has been removed….


Hiding under the tree


Hiding under the tree, determined to shake the baubles free. Trying to use the plastic wrapped metal trunk as a scratching post.

Every so often she sneaks underneath, now the presents have gone, then stands up on her back legs – her front paws in the air, battling a glinting decoration, rattling the tinsel. A couple of times the tree has rocked and shaken like a fir in a tornado, almost, but not quite, uprooted from its three pronged stand.

Then out she shoots, scampers after a toy, a feather, a ball. The tree is forgotten till next time – then used as a hiding place, scratching post, and climbing frame in turn when she feels like it.

Twelth night will see the tree demolished and returned to its cardboard box home. What will cat do then?