Wish I was

Wish I was a warm fussy cat

Snoozing on the chair

Tucked up nice and snug

Feeling really very smug

Basking in warm air!

Wish I was a happy little cat

Eating till I’m full

As I’m feeling very fat,

I’d rest my paws and head

Sleeping on the bed.

Wish I were a contented cat

Dreaming of chasing mice

Never having to hunt for food

Playing with my catnip toys

When I’m in the mood.

Cat presents…

Cat presents, not so much presents as lovingly presented remains of mice. Ooooh no! I get up in the morning, and there on the doorstep, something not very nice. Is there a deterrent? I feed my cats well, I give them toys, and yet they try and show love in the only way they can…. Yuk! I’m glad it only happens occasionally.



Two years ago we had four tiny kittens, only a few weeks old, eyes barely open.

So cute…. a few weeks later they were climbing the curtains and up the wood chip wallpaper in the front bedroom. Sneaking downstairs (they were born in the front bedroom). Climbing up inside my trouser legs (ouch). Playing with string, cat toys, a plastic ball with bells in. As their teeth grew they enjoyed charing each other and nipping and pawing waving tails.

The joy of kittens. Unfortunately they grow into full size cats…. But all four  went to good homes. Two boys to one home, two girls to another house. All of them are happy and healthy.