Pawprints 🐾

Footrest with paint pawprints. The cat jumped onto my pallette on the way up to sit on this footstool a few years ago. I could have cleaned it off, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Luckily it was acrylic paint so it was easily wiped of the cats paws. When I look at the photo now I’m happy I kept it (upstairs covered in sketchbooks now).

Early morning cat

I laughed when I saw him this morning. Paws straight out in front of him, like he was going to gambole off the cushion and bounce on the floor! So comical. It reminded me of a diver spinning towards the water, or a trampolinist spinning somersaults. I took one grainy, dark photo and he woke, so I’ve had to edit the photo, because he moved into a normal, cat curled up, position. If I could I would print this on either side of a circle of card. Punch two small holes in the centre and run a loop of string through. When you twist and stretch the string the cat would bounce and twirl!

Little paws

Foreshortening does things like making my cats head look large and her paws small. It’s because the main focus of the photo is her head and everything else is further away from the lens including the paperweights, which are actually almost as big as her head. They are all in focus because of the depth of field. (the distance from the lens that stays in focus when you take a picture). The photo was taken on my mobile phone. If I had taken a picture at about the middle of her body I think everything would have been more in proportion. You can use the position of your camera phone to get interesting effects.

Sleeping cat

Getting his zzzzeds in. I love it when he comes in and settles down on the arms of the chairs between us. He has his own sparkly purple cushion. I tap on it and he jumps up. Then he will lie down and extend his front paws. I love touching his paws because its like a show of trust between us after being an outside abandoned cat for so long. Then he curls up and goes to sleep. Yes I know cats sleep for hours. But I see this as a sign that he knows that he is safe now.