On the windowledge.


Got up and saw one of the cats sitting on the windowledge in the front bedroom. She likes watching the traffic passing and seeing the pigeons fly up onto the factory roof. The picture is grainy because it was very early in the morning, about the same time I took photos of the dawn. Cats are curious creatures. They love looking at things, playing with their toys and chasing each other. But sometimes they have a quiet moment and just sit and watch the world go by.

Trying to be an ornament.


Sitting by the black cat,

staring into space,

straight and statue like,

that look on his face.

Looking all innocent,

quiet and still.

Never moved a muscle,

while I looked at him.

Then down on the ground

like a flash.

Tiny shards of pottery

fallen with a crash!

Butter wouldn’t melt,

no sign of remorse,

going to be a statue.

Somewhere else?

Of course!

Cat staring


One of our cats watches TV. If she sees animals she gets interested. If it’s a dog she will get nervous and walk away. But if it’s a cat, leopard, or lion she gets very interested and stares at the TV. She sometimes goes up and puts her paws or nose on the screen. She seems to notice movement mostly. If it’s a cat stalking another animal she stares intently. She is the first cat that I have ever seen take an interest in TV programmes.

Staring at me?


Who is that man staring at me? Why is he staring? I have never met him before. Never spoken to him. Trying to hide behind a magazine, I peeped out. . Still staring directly at me! How rude and somehow frightening too. Like when a cat stares at its prey, ready to strike? Or a snake catching your scent … Who was he? How did he know me?

Oh no, he’s coming over. Sitting down opposite me at the cafe table. .

Excuse me? You have ketchup on your face. He grabbed the napkin and wiped my face, like I was a child! Then he got up and walked away. I’ve never seen him again since!