When I was at school our teacher taught us a rhyme to remember how to pronounce the letter H (or ‘a itches are wrong’ it means you are dropping your H). It went like this:

Old Harry Oakes,

Host of the Hare and Hounds,

Has Hard, and Horribly Horny Hands!

We had to stand up and say this in class! I think it’s because we all had Birmingham accents and he wanted us to sound more middle class!

I can remember a few more rhymes and nursery rhymes that have popped into my mind recently. Is this a sign of getting old?

Washing day

IMG_20200807_211454_760rusty bedsprings

Slumped by the wall.

Used to support beans growing tall.

A line of washing shades the view

Helping ease the sun’s bright hue.

Plants bathed in heat

Wither and dry

Turning brown

Hope they don’t die.

Above all water of life,

Carried in the clouds

Stopping great strife.

Overall its a British summer.

Bright in parts, in others dimmer.

Some places have vines,

Others marrows,

As the heat of the day

Makes eyes narrow.

So interesting view

Shirts, trousers a few.

Dry in one day.

That’s all I can say.