Don’t knock


Just trying to write a spooky poem after finding this photo on my phone.

Don’t knock on this door

You won’t like what’s inside

A dark room,

a catacomb 

stairs diving down 

to a tomb.


Don’t knock on this door

All you will see us red

Blood red

Spooky red

Of people who are dead.


Don’t knock on this door.

It leads out to the yard

The floor is wet,

don’t slip and slide

You must be on your guard.


I don’t think I can write anymore on this theme. I’m running out of rhymes and I wanted a funny punchline but can’t find one. Anyway I just like the photo.






Now I light my way to bed

Lots of thoughts twist in my head.

Have I shut the door and locked it?

Have I done it, or just thought it?

Have I got a book to read?

Till sleep descends within my head.

Will I sleep or will I wake?

Will I see a red dawn break?

Now I wonder what I’ll dream?

Soft and gentle will it seem?

Life is complex when I wake

Sleep reveals a nightmare fate.

Now I need to rest my head.

So I’m off to sleep in bed.





Megha’s world Tuesday writing prompt “light”


I wrote this poem in response to the prompt “light”. I am not sure how to do ping backs so I will put a link of it on Megha’s page. I am not sure if I’m doing it right. Anyway here is the poem:

Photons, floating through space

At breakneck speed.

Tinier than

The tiniest seed…

Particles or waves

Does anyone know?

It took scientists like Einstein

To try and show

That light is a constant

But only in space

In air it actually

Slows its pace


It pings and zings

It refracts and glows

Holograms shimmer

Insubstantial as mist.

Light is strengthened

and made to Lase

A coherent beam

That can burn and amaze

Light is part of the greatest equation

E=MC2 bright burst