Eye see

Eye see you looking out at me. What are you? A mishmash? A chimera….

An ape or monkey? Imagined monster, alien symbol.

Is that a volcano or a scientific flask full of acid. How were you created. Are you a figment?

Have you got whiskers or a moustache? Close set eyes stare back. A mythological owl.

Do those eyes hide a soul, will you start to howl? A dark night could hide you, are you foul or fowl?

The water horse

Looking down into the water I saw a reflected horse, brown and white with a dark mane. Pleased to see some life around me I looked up from the reflection, but there was nothing there. Only an old tree overhanging the water, flecked with red and brown leaves, that was all, then the sky and a wooden fence….

I looked back down into the water, it was murky now, covered with ripples from the wind, no sign of my previous vision.

I stood up and started walking around the path. The lake was not big and it took me ten minutes to walk through the grass and sedges to the gate. The lake was in a dip so it was soon disappearing behind me. Flowers and hedges shimmering in the sun. I looked back over my shoulder and saw a horses head appearing out of the water, it stepped onto the bank, it started to trot, gallop, it was moving fast towards me. Covered in pond weed, mud slipping off its coat, steaming in the sunshine. I RAN as fast as I could. I could feel its breath on my neck as I reached the gate and flew through it. I stumbled and looked up. Just the sky with white clouds scudding by. No water horse!


Well not really! When you load perfectly good apps on your phone you expect them to keep working, or at least that you can reload them if you change your device. Unfortunately this phone is too new to support Layout App. I still have it on my PC I think but I don’t really use it, so another learning curve. My head hurts… Now I will try and understand the new app, and try not to be annoyed by in app ads!

Little commission

What have I got to paint…..

It’s a tiny matchbox sized canvas. I painted a pink rabbit for a lady’s grand-daughter while I was at our annual exhibition today. Since I managed that I then was commissioned to paint a dinosaur for her grand-son. Help! I managed the rabbit, after all they are quite like cats with a longer, deeper snout. But there was no WiFi in the hall so I had to say I would do this one at home. I will have to Google what they look like, in the meantime I sketched it out to remind me to do it!

Trick or treating

Only one lot of trick or treaters called round tonight. One of them had a pumpkin on his head that was lit up with LEDs. There were three boys and they were soaked to the skin because it was raining so heavily. We gave them fifty pence each because I don’t usually get sweets or candies for Halloween night. I have to say they seemed a friendly bunch so I didn’t mind it, but it’s not my most favourite festival. I actually prefer Carol singers, and I encourage them to sing a couple of verses because often they come round and sing one line of we wish you a merry Christmas and expect to get money for it. I guess I’m a bit like Scrooge! Oh dear!

Sore throat

I don’t think it’s serious. I just have a sore throat, but I haven’t gone out today despite needing shopping and the chance of some entertainment. I just feel a bit hot and tired, but that could be age related (yay hot flushes, not) and it is humid. I went to bed this afternoon and tried to sleep but then hubby decided he wanted a conversation…. Out came grouchy me… Leave me alone me… But now I’m more awake but might go to bed early…

Chocolate orange

Another Sketchfu drawing from the now closed site. This is a picture I drew from memory about ten years ago. I used to love eating these at Christmas. I think it was probably a challenge to draw something sweet. Strange how some things suddenly became fashionable but then lose their appeal again. I don’t think I would buy one now.