Drawing Van Gogh?

When I look at this I see my mistakes..

I’m watching a drama documentary about Van Gogh. I decided to try and do a quick study of one of the women from ‘the potato eaters’.

The documentary is about Vincent Van Gogh. It is by Alan Yentob and stars Benedict Cumberbatch. It is about Van Gogh’s life and creativity. His mental health and the art he created. It’s a BBC documentary and might be available to see. I’m enjoying it.

An angel

One of my first digital drawings. I think I used a paintshop program. The angel was drawn in bright colours. With blue and purple wings. She places a star in the shape of a snowflake on top of a Christmas tree. I think when I created this I was just learning to draw with a mouse and gaining control of it. It was challenging but fun.

Seasons greetings to all my friends. X


Do you have floaters in your eyes? When I look at anything I can see vague shapes floating about in my eyes. Luckily they are mainly around the periphery of my vision. I just drew this eye and tried to mark out their positions and opacity/transparency, The trouble is as you move your eyes or head they move and ‘float’ about too ( I guess thats why they are called floaters). Sometimes they’re very obvious, like on a bright sunny day they look like the shadows of birds flying overhead, or against a bright screen they can look quite dark. From talking to my Optician I believe they are the shadows of dead blood cells that are loose inside my eye. They either leak out or are pulled out by the gel in your eyes shrinking as your eyes get older. Mine are mostly unnoticable except when I’m concentrating on a drawing, or looking closley at something. Sometimes I see them when I’m driving , or on a snowy day. I wish I had asked the optician more? I think its something to mention if you have them as the optician needs to know, and it may be indicative of something going on. But don’t panic. Just take care of yourself.


One of my Youdraw drawings, the website may open back up again next year. Currently they are showing some of the artists works on Instagram.

I did over 11,000 drawings on the site. The only tools were a thick and thin black pen and a thick and thin eraser. The canvas size was only about two inches high by one inch wide. But that simplicity gave the site charm and also a challenge to create interesting images.


Swirls drawn digitally. Artrage oils and photodirector. Draw swirls then play with editing options. You can do all sorts of things with digital apps. I feel like this is a little like a coral surface or a Mandala.

Pattern again, my thing, I suppose I will never get enough of it. Something happens in my brain and I have to do this. I’m addicted to art and patterns. I love convolutions.

Mandlebrot set drawing

A digital drawing I did a few years ago. It’s based on the Mandlebrot Set which is a fractal pattern that was found when mathematicians worked on chaos theory. It is an infinite pattern that you can zoom into and the patterns flow and twist but the basic shape that I drew keeps coming back. Obviously this is just a drawing but it was an interesting challenge.

Twenty minute sketch

Tried drawing Karen Gibson, the conductor, in felt pens after watching her having their portrait painted in #skyportraitartistoftheyear tonight. The hair is wrong, her left eye is too far back, but I don’t think it’s too bad. I drew with felt pens because one of the contestants had done. This took me about twenty minutes. I should have possibly taken longer.