Talacre 2011

Talacre is a beach on the North Coast if Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. Its really interesting because there’s an old lighthouse with a sculpted metal figure of a person leaning over the walkway at the top of the tower. There is no access to it, but it makes it look occupied. There are sand dunes around it and then caravan sites nearby. It’s a few miles between Prestatyn and Flint and is actually on the Dee estuary I think. I hope one day to go back. X

This will mean nothing to some of you!

Today’s #30daysketchbookchallenge is the number 7. What could I do? I couldn’t resist doing a quick sketch of the old head judge of Strictly Come Dancing. Len Goodman. His catch phrase was ‘I’ll give it Seven!’

I didn’t have much time to do this so it’s a quick sketch portrait, not forgetting his paddle with the famous 7 on it….

A bit skewiff but fun….

Band of sketchers prompt : Element

Laboratory grown Bismuth crystals, element, Bi is its chemical symbol. Its a metalloid. Today’s prompt was ‘Element’ luckily I have collected all sorts of things over the years.

I’m also starting a thirty day challenge for January with a different group. I need to catch up with the first five days of January…

2014 Angel

Before I got a drawing tablet for my computer I used to draw with a mouse. This drawing was put on Facebook in 2014, but I’m sure I had a wacom tablet by then. I actually think it’s around ten years older and that I saved this image on one of the numerous times my hard drive went down. The picture must have been drawn on a basic program, but I can’t remember which. I know it’s a mouse drawing because of the wobbly lines…… I still like it…

Looking up

Well, I tried to draw our living room lampshade. But with the light on it is a bit too dazzling. Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was looking up.

I used a few felt pens, including a gold and two browns. Also a black and a yellow and finally a grey for the shadows on the ceiling. I outlined the edges with a bit of black biro. I might also do something else as I’m not totally happy with this.


Someday Peace and Love will be more important than War. Nature and the Environment will become recognised for how important they are. Maybe symbols of peace, like the dove, will get the message across. We need to take these concepts seriously. We need to stop being selfish and realise we shouldn’t be self centred. People in all walks of life, in this country, and abroad, are struggling. War wastes resources and ruins lives. We need to support each other not attack and deplore. As the song says. Let there be peace all over the world…