Sundays #bandofsketchers prompt was Stones. I thought of drawing one of the members of the Rolling Stones but decided against it. Since I’m using a new sketchbook and I’ve been painting in acrylics this afternoon I decided to conjure up some stones from my imagination using the colours I’ve been using in the paintings.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was sweet.

I tried to draw smarties (the British version of m&m’s?) but my shaking arm made for wobbling lines, so they are more like jelly beans perhaps? Then I had the idea of adding reflected colours on opposite sweets, but the colours are too dark. I also wanted to add shadows from various directions, like there was different coloured light illuminating the sweets, so blue grey shadow on one side and turquoise blue on the other. This could have worked better but I used felt pens again. And the sweets are egg shaped! Oh well I tried!

What is it?

I was trying to draw Virga clouds yesterday for a post here, but to be honest it wasn’t working. I gave up leaving a scribbled shape with conical bits hanging down. Today I doodled blue lines and blue shadows onto it, added segments and an eye and a head. The red is from the previous page but it could be antennae? The resulting creature seems to be floating. It could be in a sea or floating in the air. I’ve decided it’s a Neptunian…. A creature from the gas giant planet Neptune. I imagine it has a prehensile snout and it eats hydrocarbons from carbonbergs floating in the Neptunian skies. The long prong like legs are to grab the bergs as they sail by….


A short story…

A cold wind blew across the lake, finding gaps in my coat and blowing my hair around. The branches and fronds of the willow trees streamed like ribbons on a kite, lifting and waving. The ducks ruffled up their feathers against the cold. We had walked out of sunshine into shade and the temperature had dropped noticeably.

The man and his dog walked towards us. It was muzzled with a band of leather round it’s mouth, but it still pulled the man along. It was a big dog. A hound of some sort. It was difficult to see in the gloom. As we came level with them the dog jumped up. It’s paws landing on my shoulders. I was knocked over by its weight. I sat down hard in a puddle. The weight of the dog pushing against me.

The man looked alarmed. Shocked. He tugged the dog away. All he said was ‘sorry’ and walked off! I sat there freezing and wet….. What a day!

How do I draw from imagination?

How do I draw from imagination? I talk and think my way through things, by describing how they should look in my mind or verbally helps to make me think more about details of the image I’m drawing.

For example, this drawing was based on a memory of my walks in a local park as a child. There were trees that seemed to have faced in them. They were probably Ash trees, they seemed to have long spidery branches with tipped up ends like fingers. The path wandered around past stone walls that I used to balance on. Behind me was a play area with a slide, swings and a roundabout and seesaw. This is a memory drawing so it isn’t exactly accurate and things have probably changed a lot. I haven’t been back for years. But the face in the tree gives me a bit of a feeling of nervousness I used to get as a child.


Random design using a bath back scrubber as a starting point. I think it looks a bit like sea urchins with little feelers sticking out. Then again, it could be the inside of an alien spacecraft, or a sound deadening surface? Imagine this created in a 3d printer. What material, soft or hard, would it be made of? I could add paint to its surface to create a print, or use it to hold plant roots in… Imagination is fun.

Wide eyed

I was trying to draw a face that had a child like quality as an example for the children’s book project I’m doing for college. I used black ink fine liner pen to draw and shade it and add some freckles. I was worriedcthe shading was a bit to strong so I decided to use a charcoal pencil to add a bit of softness. Then I coloured the eyes and the lips (I’m planning to use black and white drawings with small coloured highlights). Each drawing is different but it’s helping me decide what I’m doing.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was idyllic. Today I was sitting feeling sorry for myself, then my hubby asked me to draw a seahorse like I had drawn on the beach last week. So today’s drawing is a Seahorse from my imagination, it would be idyllic to see a mythological beast like this. Used an old black felt pen because it gave nice soft lines…


You took my hand, held it tightly. Dragged me up the hill to the viewpoint.

We stared across the tree tops, across the views of hills and valleys. There were old houses and modern warehouses where there used to be fields. It’s gone, you said, our youth and the beauty that was once here.

Remember when we had strength? When hills were virtually flat? When colours were bright and gaudy.

The trees were shorter then, we could see further. We used to hold hands and more. Now, we are lost, can our hearts stay forever together? The hill is steep nowadays. But we walk hand in hand.