Penkhull midnight

An old biro/ digital drawing I did a few years ago of our local church. I think I intended to use it as a christmas card (its several years ago but i think I did print a few off). I can see from it that I drew it out in biro first, but then must have scanned it into photoshop because I can see areas where it seems to have had some flood fill colour. I don’t know if I intended it to have white areas as snow or reflected starlight. I was watching a programme about astronomy last night. It said that a star will become a supernova once a century on average in our galaxy, but there have been none in the Milky Way since the Seventeenth century. Our closest candidate is Betelguese in the constellation Orion. It is a red giant star and sits on the top left hand side of the constellation. It has been dimming recently, which may mean it is shrinking. It might as they said, not explode for a million years, or it might become a Supernova tomorrow. No one can tell. But when it does it will be a very bright object in the sky. It might even look like this.

I’m still here

You may not see as many blogs, but I’m still here, lurking! I’ve got a college project that I need to finish and other work to get done. Other things are also going on so life is a little stressful at the moment. I just had to get work done on my car too. Its a good car, but spare parts are hard to come by now because it’s so old. They just don’t make some of the parts anymore. But I will watch your posts and see what is happening. I’m still here!

Dragon bright

Dragon doodle, then flood filled with yellow. ‘dragon burning in the night, why do you burn so bright?’

A question. Why are dragons supposed to breath fire. Why does JRR Tolkeins dragon Smaug live in a mountain full of gold that could almost be a volcano, but when fire comes it is from the dragon itself flying over Laketown in the story of the Hobbit.

They breathe fire in other stories too. And authors come up with elaborate ideas of how they make it. For instance the book ‘Guards, Guards’ by Terry Pratchett.

All art of their mystery.

Bobble hat

Doodle of a woman in a bobble hat. Just a finger drawing, flooded with blocks of colour, done whilst listening to an online lecture about a deamon that someone has drawn over and over again.

My doodles are usually cats, nice, friendly creatures (with claws and teeth), but because this was a finger drawing it was easier to do.

Will I remember the lecture when I see this image? Possibly, but have I invested too much time in it so I have switched off my brain to the lecture? No, I don’t think so.

Green man abstract

I kept some of the images I created on my old Nokia phone when I changed. I was really happy with the flood fill option it had because there were different patterns and textures instead of just basic colours. The green areas were finger painted onto the screen. It was fun to use and created some interesting effects.

Abstract Sun and Moon

After the #30daysketchbookchallenge yesterday and #MendNotTrend last week I decided to draw a few abstract patterns based on the prompts. They are all based on circles, two in colour and one black and white. They were all drawn in the Sketch app I use. I didn’t use any filters for these just lines and the flood fill option (plain and rainbow fills).