Drawn in ArtRage oils. A picture made up of dots then mirrored to give it symmetry. This took about half an hour to draw the pattern (a quarter of the image). I used the metallic pen option. The colours are darker with this but you get a rippled affect on the surface. I decided to draw a rainbow of colours that gradually move across the screen. It could also be used as a pattern on fabrics.

Abstract called feathers.

Many digital processes, I won’t list them. I use the same apps, just over and over so that you get different effects each time you add a layer. I think it looks like a flurry of feathers after a pillow fight! Or even fireworks exploding. I used a blur tool to get the fuzzy effects.

Bobble hat

Doodle of a woman in a bobble hat. Just a finger drawing, flooded with blocks of colour, done whilst listening to an online lecture about a deamon that someone has drawn over and over again.

My doodles are usually cats, nice, friendly creatures (with claws and teeth), but because this was a finger drawing it was easier to do.

Will I remember the lecture when I see this image? Possibly, but have I invested too much time in it so I have switched off my brain to the lecture? No, I don’t think so.

Finger painting in ArtRage

A finger painting done with the Artrage oils digital app which I think is free through Google. I use it on my little android phone. Two tools, a brush with four varieties with a sliding size bar and a pallette to choose colours from and the ability to to change the effect from non metallic to metallic. It’s quite a challenge to draw with a tool that smears and smooths out the surface as you draw on it. I enjoy it because you get such a different effect from other sketching apps.

When I say digital, I mean finger painting.

I did a drawing in ArtRage oils today, it’s a drawing app with pens and a metallic/non metallic slider so you can add a sheen of apparent oil paint if you want. In this case I drew with my finger although I do have a stylus to draw with if I want. I have this free version and I also have the paid for app with more pens and brushes. I like the freedom it allows me.

Drawing Jupiter

I do like drawing and painting planetsUntitled60_003

This was drawn in ArtRage oils. I used the dry brush and metallic setting for it except for the moon where I turned the metallic option off. You can’t paint smoothly with it but you can get an impression of what you want to depict. The largest brush size is the size of the moons shadow, so to build up the background you have to shade backwards and forwards to cover the whole picture. This is glorified finger painting!

You will notice the top left corner is lighter than the bottom right. That is because the app is set up to have graduated shading across the picture. There is some difficulty drawing accurately on a screen with your finger, especially when the surface is apparently fluid. The result is the moon in the bottom right corner does not look quite right. The image is imagined, not taken from a photo. The moon is not identifiable but would be one of the four seen by Galileo. (the four biggest), (no I can’t remember their names!)


Tried to draw Frida.



Have you ever tried to draw on a computer with your finger? That’s how I did this on my tablet computer using a sketcher app.

I tried to accurately draw Fridas’ features from a self portrait she did with a bird, cat and monkey. I’m afraid my skills did not let me draw the cat or the monkey, and I know this is not accurate but I had to keep flipping between a photo of a painting and the drawing. So I hope Frida fans will forgive me.

The drawing was prompted by some recent news that a room in Fridas house had been opened up after 40 years of being sealed. Apparently there are many unseen peices of work by the artist.

I could try and put more details into it but I have decided to leave it for now.