Looking out

I decided to play with a previous drawing. It’s fascinating how you can rotate and reposition images in Instagram filters. You can make parts of the image recede or come forward. And if I’d wanted to I could have blurred the edges of the image. It also allows you to change the colours and contrast, shadows and brightness. Other apps allow you to do other things. The world is your oyster.

Blue doodle

Or is it turquoise? Drawn in ArtRage oils. Finger painting on my phone. One of the challenges with drawing on a phone is if you don’t use a stylus (I can’t find mine) and the tools on this app means the colours smear together. I do have ArtRage on my tablet. That’s the pro version with many more tools but my phone is easier to use as it’s not as heavy on my arm.

Artrage doodle

Playing with Artrage oils app. It’s a finger painting. I must find my stylus as I think that might help. I like the combination of blue/ red/green and purple. You can set different brushes, dry and wet, different flows ans also make the ‘paint’ more or less metallic. The less metallic settings allows a lighter colour. Try it for free. Have fun x

Cat Woman

Doodle in ArtRage oils free app. I’m so busy drawing with felt pens that I forgot that I have it on my phone. I’m sort of sticking with blue and yellow as my main colours. Why, because Ukraine is on my mind. I guess this isn’t brilliant but finger painting with smudgy drawing tools can be difficult. I don’t know what made me draw this, but it was fun..


Is it a parrot a pigeon or a budgie? Just something I drew with the free Artrage oils app. I used metallic and non metallic colours and played with different brushes.

I like the way you can play with textures, the metallic dots look a bit like scales, or shiny feathers. This is a finger painting so it’s difficult to control the shapes and edges. Also because the ‘paints’ have a ‘liquid’ effect, it means they sort of smudge into one another. It’s definitely different to real painting.