Seven years ago

Faces drawn in a nice app I used to use a few years ago. But I had to delete it because I don’t have enough memory on my phone. Maybe when I finally upgrade it I will reinstall it. I think it was called sketcher app. I think I still have it on another device but that’s not linked to the Internet very well so I have to mess about trying to link things. Maybe I should get more organised. I quite like this.

Eye eye!

I do like playing with images, as you can see! (literally and metaphorically). By playing with them I learn new techniques, skills, and expand my ideas. Just getting the reflection on this to seem to float above the ‘iris’, by having the background slightly darker it makes the reflection stand forward. It should probably be shaded to get an apparent curvature onto the front of the eye. I used simple tools in my sketcher app on my phone to achieve this.

Almost there

Three year old digital drawing. Dots and swirls! The closest to a tree I will have this year. The cats climbed up the last one so I’m not risking my old glass baubles. Plus my cats are bigger this year and with three instead of two… Disaster would be bound to occur.

Did I ever mention the Christmas eve my husband tripped over after too much beer and snapped the tree in half? About twenty years ago. I stayed up and tied it together with tinsel, rehung the baubles and but the lights back on it. When he got up in the morning he thought he had dreamt it happening!



Good, I seem to be back to the old fashioned WordPress. I just tried posting on my tablet and everything looked completely different! I think I was in ‘blocks’! Now I have a post you can only see half of, basically this little drawing of a little goose isn’t even showing up unless you press a button to show more. Why? Grrr! I’ve been using WordPress for a couple of years now and I thought I’d got it sussed.

Ah well, sorry to moan.


Before Covid (BC)


I try to remember before Covid. Walking free, no need to be nervous. Of course we could still catch flu, or get pneumonia, or be so ill you could die. But this is worse.

So I’ve decided to post pictures from before March, this is a digital drawing I did on the sketcher free app… I might draw some more images like this. I think I remember how I did it.

In other words, I don’t want to bore people. I will try and come up with more interesting content.




I have been So tired lately. Whether it’s the low light levels or late nights. I just keep falling asleep in the day. I think I need to shake myself awake a bit more. But the last couple of days has found my partner falling asleep in the day too. So perhaps it’s something to do with the bug we have both just got over. I didn’t feel like drawing much so I used a stencil section of my sketcher app to put together a little picture.

Right, better get something done before the day is totally gone.