Eye eye!

I do like playing with images, as you can see! (literally and metaphorically). By playing with them I learn new techniques, skills, and expand my ideas. Just getting the reflection on this to seem to float above the ‘iris’, by having the background slightly darker it makes the reflection stand forward. It should probably be shaded to get an apparent curvature onto the front of the eye. I used simple tools in my sketcher app on my phone to achieve this.

Taking notes


Two of our tutors were in conversation today. One was nterviewing the other. It was interesting and helpful to see how they went about doing their work. Taking rough photocopies to add texture, cutting out black paper shapes to create shadows, and white paper to add highlights. Using a broad brush to paint quick marks, creating people and buildings. There were so many techniques I’d not even considered. Also using a grid to place the work on so that the images would all be the correct size…. And a light box. I don’t even know how to use one of them.. Very interesting.