Dragon eyes

Where do ideas come from? Spoiler alert. I was just watching ‘ the Hobbit an unexpected journey’ the first film in ‘the Hobbit’ trilogy. At the end of the film the dwarves see the lonely mountain far in the distance. We follow a bird as it flies across the land to the mountain. There we see the dragon inside the mountain. Smaug, the dragon, wakes up and you see his eye. The pupil of the eye has a funny slit in it. Not exactly like this, but I wonder if I was subconsciously influenced by the film? You only see it for a couple of seconds but it’s a beautiful image. I think my dragon eyes are quite sweet, but not as good as the animated Dragon Eye of Smaug.

Eye eye!

I do like playing with images, as you can see! (literally and metaphorically). By playing with them I learn new techniques, skills, and expand my ideas. Just getting the reflection on this to seem to float above the ‘iris’, by having the background slightly darker it makes the reflection stand forward. It should probably be shaded to get an apparent curvature onto the front of the eye. I used simple tools in my sketcher app on my phone to achieve this.

Cat news

He’s much better! His chest had to be shaved so the vets could take a blood test, but his kidneys are OK now. The vets also created a serum from his blood that is usdd as an eyedrop. The white blood cells in it help him absorb medication to help heal the ulcers in his eye. His mouth has healed and the damage they thought was a lesion was a burn that was probably caused by whatever toxic substance that he had got on his fur.

I’m so happy that he’s recovering, the vets are pleased with his progress. He isn’t let out although he has snuck out a couple of times. He will get some freedom when he is fully well.

Getting better

This was the cats eye ten days ago. It’s much improved with the use of lots of eye drops. It’s now the proper colour and looks more transparent. The vet is pleased with his progress. They took a blood sample and centrifuged some of the cats serum from it. I am to use it for the next three days as it will help absorbtion of his other eye drops.

I had to drive him to the vets myself because the taxi I ordered didn’t turn up! It was booked for ten minutes before the vets appointment because its only a mile down the road. But at 3.24 pm I rang the taxi firm. No answer, I let it ring for five minutes.

So I tried getting in our car and when I managed to without hurting myself I decided to drive it in second gear to the vets. I stayed in second all the way.

Finally home after an hour I found a message on my phone from the taxi firm. They had rung at 4.42pm, twelve minutes after the appointment, I sent a text to apologise. I don’t know exactly what I could have done differently.