No lateral flow…

I need a lateral flow test kit but I have a problem. I tried to order one off the NHS website but it said to go to your pharmacy. I went to my pharmacy and they had run out. I was going to something tonight but I won’t now as I can’t do the test and we are required to take a test before we go. I don’t think we are very organised in this country. Sometimes things go wrong. We generally ‘muddle through’, but this is important for people’s health. So I will keep trying and hope to get more tests soon. I’m careful, cautious, and want to keep others safe not just myself.

Mince pies and stollen

It was just me and my hubby together for Christmas, but that means no pressure to get all the trimmings done! I haven’t made a trifle yet, I will probably do so for New year’s day. We had a £3.80 chicken for our Christmas Dinner (a medium turkey crown in sainsburys was £27.90!) We had a few beers and I made pigs in blankets to go with the chicken. I also roasted all the veg including the sprouts. There are plenty of left overs for sandwiches today and I don’t have to think about turning a turkey into a stew and a curry later in the week. The one thing I miss though was having a party with my sister, but I’d rather make sure we are all safe.

Omicron, oh dear

I don’t have the Omicron version of Covid, I did a lateral flow test. But things are getting to me. Mentally I feel run down, fed up, worried, scared even. I don’t want to go out or see people. I missed a few things recently because I’m keeping myself to myself. But I know I’m getting worse. Recent health issues have made me feel more isolated and it’s almost too easy to hide away. Seeing people walking round shops without masks also puts me off….

I will wait and see what happens, but I do think that old addage about discretion is the better part of valour (is that right) might be the phrase that describes how I feel.

The inevitable

Sigh, it happened. Our intrepid outdoor cat has led my two indoor cats out into the great big green world of our garden. He is a bit of a cat burglar. Strong claws had forced the cat flap mechanism round so that the flap opened both ways. He must have come in for food overnight then forced it to get out. His Foster brother and sister were both ‘not in the house’ when I got up. That deafening silence that indicates ‘absence of cat’.

All I could do was call and whistle. Five minutes later, outdoor cat and Foster sister came in through the open door. Five minutes after that, Foster brother saunter up. You’ve been out I say, who me? He stares in innocence. I open the cat flap for him. No he wants the door opening. Finally they breakfast…. Now they are sitting tapping the cat flap again! Argh… Inevitable!

Brollies at the ready


After a good, mostly sunny, day the weather forecast is talking about more thunderstorms tomorrow. I have my brollies ready as we might be going out. However I won’t be out in a storm. The safest place then is your car. It acts as a Faraday cage an will direct any lightening around the car body and safely away to Earth. Don’t shelter under trees in thunderstorms and don’t have your brollies up. The point at the top can attract lightening. If you can’t get away you are supposed to hunker down low in a ball if possible with your back above your head if that makes sense? See real instructions! I’m trying to remember old information. X

Makeshift mask


Here my hubby is modelling them.

Take a pair of large size polyester boxer shorts. Put on leg over your face and neck like a scarf. Twist the middle of them and then put the other leg over your head like a headband.

This is what he wore to the shops. Along with leather gloves. I hope it was sufficient protection. Taking them off carefully afterwards. I will use my gardening gloves to pick them up and put them through a hot wash. We are now re-supplied for a few more days x

It goes from bad to worse!

We were in quite a reasonable situation earlier today. Not to many restrictions here about the Corona virus. That was until a news conference with the Prime Minister.

Now anyone over 70, pregnant or with underlying health conditions should self isolate for 12, yes twelve weeks. They should not go shopping, go to bars, clubs, pubs or restaurants. People with a persistent dry cough or temperature above 37.8°C should self isolate for 14 days and stay in with their families. Schools are staying open for now, but that may change, and some parents are already keeping their children off school.

There is a shortage of hospital beds and ventilators and possibly a lack of oxygen. There will be many problems no doubt.

It feels like we are in a sci-fi horror film. Like an apocalyptic future that has just arrived. How will the elderly and vulnerable people cope? Obviously this will have an economic impact, but its better to save lives than lose them for lack of funding. People could be thrown into debt and destitution.

The overall illnesses and deaths are not high yet. But we are at the start of a new world. Who can say how many will be affected. And yet millions die of starvation and illness every year. Poverty is one of the biggest killers. The first world has been lucky until now. Perhaps we have lost some of that luck.

Good morning world


Welcome to the dawn of a new decade.

Let’s try and be optimistic,

do something to improve the world

instead of destroying it.

Use less plastic stuff,

eat more organic food.

Drink clean water at last,

instead of tainted.

Free workers from slavery,

pay a decent wage.

Let the sky glow at dawn and dusk

not from forest fires.

House the homeless in decent shelters

along with refugees…

Care for one another

and the life of the world.

Reduce energy usage,

and combat Global warming.

Then we might survive,

to the Next Decade.

Fingers crossed.