No lateral flow…

I need a lateral flow test kit but I have a problem. I tried to order one off the NHS website but it said to go to your pharmacy. I went to my pharmacy and they had run out. I was going to something tonight but I won’t now as I can’t do the test and we are required to take a test before we go. I don’t think we are very organised in this country. Sometimes things go wrong. We generally ‘muddle through’, but this is important for people’s health. So I will keep trying and hope to get more tests soon. I’m careful, cautious, and want to keep others safe not just myself.

4 thoughts on “No lateral flow…

  1. Hi Christine I understand, it’s happening here too. Some people have been bulk buying the test kits. Today I am going to the Pharmacy for my booster then straight back home to hibinate. Take care, be safe xx

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      1. Thanks Christine, yes they say 14 days to hopefully be effective. My arm might be sore for a couple of days but nothing like the pain in my left hip that is riddled with arthritis. Happy Days xx

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