I just saw a photo of this painting and thought of simpler times. When people could meet in groups, no one wore face coverings, and there was less fear in the world.

The conversation flows, there is gentle banter, there are smiles and laughter. People drink and eat and share food, a mouthful or two of delicious fruit or a compote. Wine and beer, fruit juice and water. The voices murmur, no need to shout through a mask and at a distance. I hope we can go back to more carefree times, but we will have to see. Stay safe. X

Omicron, oh dear

I don’t have the Omicron version of Covid, I did a lateral flow test. But things are getting to me. Mentally I feel run down, fed up, worried, scared even. I don’t want to go out or see people. I missed a few things recently because I’m keeping myself to myself. But I know I’m getting worse. Recent health issues have made me feel more isolated and it’s almost too easy to hide away. Seeing people walking round shops without masks also puts me off….

I will wait and see what happens, but I do think that old addage about discretion is the better part of valour (is that right) might be the phrase that describes how I feel.


I’m not happy. Had toothache for a while. Its hard to get into dentists at the moment with waiting times six or eight weeks. Plus I have a fear of them. I’ve been scared since I was a child but I can’t afford not to go. I keep using sensitive toothpaste and mouthwash, but it’s been years since I’ve visited a dentist. My own responsibility. I must sort it out. So I’m not smiling at the moment.



I just had a gentle argument with a friend on Facebook. I’ve been watching the BBC news in the UK, and a lot of it is about the covid19 virus. There is a small amount of criticism about how our government is dealing with it.

Then there are clips of President Trump, seemingly saying that people should have the right of freedom of speech and they should not have to be in lockdown? He’s going to be speaking to the governor of New York about it? The scary thing is people need to keep away from each other so the virus can’t spread easily. Someone said they would rather be six feet apart than six feet under.

The news also said deaths in America are spiking, and that many thousands have died already.

But my friend, who I really like, supports Trump who is blaming the World Health organisation.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter who is to blame. It matters what Trump or any other politician is going to do about it.

In the end its not where you start, it’s where you end up that is the important thing. Life is difficult, but ignoring experts, and making things up as you go along is not sensible.