I don’t go out much

How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?

I still wear a mask when I go in shops, especially supermarkets. I rarely go out except to try and walk a bit to keep myself fit. Sometimes the world seems like an alien place and I feel like I have walled off the world. I have stopped visiting many friends and don’t like going in pubs or places where there are a lot of people. I still have covid testing kits and I try and remember to test once a week, mainly when I go out to choir practice. I have not had covid19 (yet) and I do hope to continue to avoid it, but I think people are forgetting about it, and really it’s not surprising because it isn’t in the news headlines any more. But millions died and millions more have been disabled by it. I’m not going to put my life at risk if I can help it. Stay safe x

2 thoughts on “I don’t go out much

  1. I was in the frontline during the first and second wave because I was redeployed. I must be doing something right because I didn’t get it during those times. I did get it beginning of this year, though.

    I say life goes on. I’ve never really noticed changes in my routine because prior to it, I didn’t really go out much.

    There are studies saying that masks do more harm than good, and others suggest otherwise. I suppose it depends on the mask, but I couldn’t wear the ffp3 because of the shape of my face. I used to work in a department where aerosol generating procedures are performed. We had to have a mask fitting to see if they indeed protect. I failed it, so I guess I could conclude that ordinary masks or face covering do not protect properly as particles could still get in. I was given a “hood” to wear during procedures, and it was deafening and claustrophobic.

    There are also studies proving that the severity of COVID is dependent on the person’s genetic makeup. Mutations in some genes contribute to whether one would be affected really badly, whilst to others, it will be like just a really bad cold.

    I am not scared to go to work, but still apprehensive when redeployed to the wards (I’d still go because it’s my duty, but man it makes me anxious).

    Apologies for the lengthy lament lol

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