Sore throat time

Blugh! I feel tired and ill. Still negative for covid but getting fed up with my sore, croaky throat. It’s so annoying and it feels like it’s going on my chest. My body aches. It’s been so long since I’ve had a proper cold or flu, you forget how lethargic it makes you feel. I’m sitting with the cat poddling (kneading) my knee. Ouch, too tired to push him off. But it’s a comfort… And my nose keeps dripping like a tap. Hubby is cooking poached egg on toast. Hooray!

Feeling hot

It’s a cool day, and we don’t have the heating on, but I feel hot. I’m wearing a jumper so that might be the cause, but my guts ache too. I hope I’m not ill. I haven’t eaten anything strange, I made a nice chicken and pasta meal last night and it was thoroughly cooked. Basically lots of vegetables, some tomato pasta sauce, two small chicken breasts (apologies to vegetarians) and some multi coloured pasta. Tonight we are going to have pizza so I guess I’m in an Italian mood?

Other symptoms? I think the lethargy I’m feeling is still from sadness. It’s taking me a while to get over things. Maybe my immune system is a bit low? Or perhaps that’s just me guessing. Meanwhile life goes on. I’ll get a cup of tea and maybe doze for a while. The cat has just come up to say hello…

Royal news

I have seen on TV that the Queen of the UK, Queen Elizabeth II, is ill and is resting comfortably. What is worrying about it is that all of her family is travelling up to Balmoral in Scotland (about 45 miles from Aberdeen). Our BBC TV station is reporting about it at the moment, lots of speculation is going on. Buckingham Palace is not giving out much information.

Queen Elizabeth has been the ruler of Britain and the Commonwealth for 70 years. She is 96 years old, and recently has been suffering from mobility issues. Today she has been placed under evaluation after further medical consideration.

Not everyone is a royalist, but I do feel sorry that she is ill. Perhaps there might be more news later.


No,  not the sort that you find on a beach.  The one caused by having chickenpox. It can come back as shingles in later life…..

Hubby is due his vaccination against it which is great,  but I’ve had an aching lower back for a week. It hurt even more last night,  each time I tried to get comfortable  I got shooting pains in my back and leg. My hubby had noticed a rash of blistery spots in a line on my lower back, just on one side.  Suddenly it occurred to me this might be shingles. I looked it up and found an image that seemed similar to what I have. Luckily I got a doctors appointment and they decided it was a mild case so I’ve got some tablets that should calm it down. They used to say if your shingles met in the middle you would be very ill (not sure how bad or how they could), I’m thankful it’s not too bad.

Small photo, incase you are eating your tea. Not my shingles. An Internet view.

No lateral flow tests

If you live in England you can no longer get free lateral flow tests, this despite covid 19 infections being very high (about one in thirteen). I think it’s stupid, we are supposed to ‘live with it’ (die with it?) and yet Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are not ending it yet. Why do our government think this is OK. I think it’s to save money. You now have to pay. All the people on low incomes with higher bills to pay won’t be able to afford them. People are going into work with covid. It is spreading. This is stupid.

Sore throat

Sore throat, aches, tired. But at least I tested negative for Covid. I don’t know how I’ve got this ‘cold’. I go everywhere outside in a mask. But I suppose I could have picked it up off a surface when I’ve been shopping. At one stage I was washing all the shopping that came into the house. I guess I’ve dropped my guard a bit..?

One thing, I won’t be going out to anything while I have this cold. Just because it isn’t Covid doesn’t mean I should go out and share it. I’m just going to take cold medicine and keep my fluids up. I didn’t wake up till 3pm, not good. The sun has now set and I feel dull and sleepy.

Wear a mask

Oh dear! I went round the supermarket today and about a third of the customers were not wearing masks. One woman in particular looked really ill, sneezing and coughing. She was struggling to get what she wanted. When we got to the till she was ahead of me, she looked flushed and hot. I stood well back even though that meant the person behind me was getting close. I tried to keep away from them too.

I won’t go back to that supermarket for a couple of days. I hope the woman is OK. I hope I don’t catch her illness. Meanwhile I’m keeping my mask on!


My body is literally a pain. From recent problems to chronic health issues, I have to admit things are mounting up. I want to get to 100 when Halleys Comet is due to be back in our skies, but I’m getting fed up. I think my mind is fine but things keep going wrong. Must be my genetic makeup. Fingers crossed I don’t get anything else. At least one thing I have is determination. I don’t easily give up. Here’s another lot of tablets? Fine, thank you. I am thankful for the NHS, I don’t know how I would cope without it!

Swanning about

At this time of year wild birds need food. But sadly some of them are suffering from Bird Flu. It’s hard to know which ones are ill unless they display odd behaviour. I’m not sure what you should do, but we regularly go to our local Staffordshire Wildlife centre so I think it’s best to ask them for advice.

There are so many viruses around these days, including Swine Flu, Sars, Mers and other illnesses. I think if there is a vaccination against the ones that harm humans they should be used. Not just for rich countries, but for everyone. Rich or Poor. But we should also take care of wildlife. There is too much harm in the world. We need to find a balance.

My writings awful

I am struggling to write since I hurt my wrist. If I hold a pen I get sharp pains shooting down from my thumb. The pressure I have to press down with is also making it hurt.

I’ve tried getting in the doctors but can’t get an appointment. I will try again. I looked the symptoms up on the Internet (not a good idea), I have an idea what might be causing it, but self diagnosis is not a good thing. I might be minimising or catastrophising…. Life is strange and interesting and can be confusing.