Interesting times


We live in difficult times,

In a bubble where nothing can touch us,

In a dream world of Internet lies,

In a world where one touch can kill us,


Yes we live in interesting times.


We live where a cold can be fatal,

Where a virus is writing our fate,

In a world where borders can’t save us,

We must act before it’s too late.


Don’t think the world is over,

We must fight till the end is right here,

No one knows what resolve will save us.

But we live in interesting times.

It goes from bad to worse!

We were in quite a reasonable situation earlier today. Not to many restrictions here about the Corona virus. That was until a news conference with the Prime Minister.

Now anyone over 70, pregnant or with underlying health conditions should self isolate for 12, yes twelve weeks. They should not go shopping, go to bars, clubs, pubs or restaurants. People with a persistent dry cough or temperature above 37.8°C should self isolate for 14 days and stay in with their families. Schools are staying open for now, but that may change, and some parents are already keeping their children off school.

There is a shortage of hospital beds and ventilators and possibly a lack of oxygen. There will be many problems no doubt.

It feels like we are in a sci-fi horror film. Like an apocalyptic future that has just arrived. How will the elderly and vulnerable people cope? Obviously this will have an economic impact, but its better to save lives than lose them for lack of funding. People could be thrown into debt and destitution.

The overall illnesses and deaths are not high yet. But we are at the start of a new world. Who can say how many will be affected. And yet millions die of starvation and illness every year. Poverty is one of the biggest killers. The first world has been lucky until now. Perhaps we have lost some of that luck.

How did we get here?


A few weeks ago no one had heard of Corona Virus. Now the world is panicking. From an illness that started in the East, it has spread across the world. At one stage we were told it was less harmful than seasonal flu. Now people are self isolating. The problem is that there is no immunity in the population to it. It’s new, so humans haven’t had the chance to get used to it. Vaccines will be created, but that takes time. They have to be tested before they can be used safely. Now governments are setting limits to how many people can meet, shutting down sports events, and stocks and shares are dropping in value. Its as if the world has gone mad. We’ve watched too many zombie movies and people are trying to make sense of what’s going on. Hopefully things will improve soon.


Caught a cold.. So colouring..


I hate getting colds, but it’s that time of year….


So my sister visited and showed me a website that does something similar to the adult colouring books you can buy these days.


Now I think I’m addicted! It’s certainly taking my mind off the cough I’ve developed. It does mean I’ve wasted a lot of time doing nothing. But I need a rest. I’m hoping whatever it is, it doesn’t develop into anything worse. In the meantime, back to colouring.



Caught his cold.


Don’t read if you want to be cheered up! He’s been coughing and spluttering for a week now. He never takes medicine for colds and usually throws things off in a couple of days. He’s had flu twice in his life. He won’t rest and recover. He’s hardly eating. So I’ve tried to help, got him some cough medicine, but he won’t take it. I’m fed up with him because he doesn’t seem to realise he’s spreading germs, a virus or whatever it is.

Now I ache and have started coughing. So I’m trying to stay healthy while I run round after him. In the meantime he can’t stop. His anxieties for e him to keep doing things, keep checking things, so yeah, I’m a bit fed up and grumpy. Sorry to vent!

What a long day


I’ve felt better.

I got up early this morning because we were due to drive up to Yorkshire to visit a friend. But I felt lousy. My hubby has had a bad cough and sore throat. Well now I’ve got it too.

No chance of driving all that way, we were going to visit Fountains Abbey, but I guess I will have to wait until I’m better and we can book to go again.

Life is topsy turvey. Everything is mixed up now. I had planned to do things but it feels like I am being held back. Ah well that’s life.

Goodnight x

Sore throat


Over the last couple of months I’ve had a sore throat every few days. I don’t know why. I think it’s to do with the weather. We have warm weather, then cold. I feel fed up because I have things I want and need to do but I don’t feel up to it. Even my ears are aching. I guess I’m moaning about something that is very minor and trivial in comparison with serious illnesses.

I will take some tablets and get some throat lozenges…. If I’m quiet here (pun intended) you know why.