My hubby has caught my cold bug (not Covid) now he feels like I have been feeling all week. He’s been sneezing a lot and apart from coming downstairs for food etc he’s spent the day in bed reading books. I hope he throws it off quickly. He doesn’t usually get ill but because we have been dodging viruses for the last two years I guess our immunity to the common cold has diminished.

Meanwhile I’ve had messages on other social media blaming masks for Covid! I replied that I guessed I’d never agree with the person and pointed out that before the pandemic surgeons, doctors, nurses and dentists wore normal surgical masks. If they don’t stop viruses or bacteria why wear them. Plus the person said CO2 would build up and Oxygen can’t get through a mask! I think O2 is a smaller molecule than CO2 so it’s More likely to get through (and FAR SMALLER than a virus particle). But logic and science does not seem to satisfy these people.

Fed up

I’m sorry to say I’m not well. I seem to be getting one thing after another wrong with me. My back and neck are aching. I’m worried I might have shingles but trying to get in the doctors is proving impossible. Everything is so busy, the NHS is getting overwhelmed and so many people are struggling to get treatment. So I’m drinking plenty of fluids and taking pain killers. I’m truly fed up. I have things I need to do and this means I have to keep putting them off.


You used to be able to ring the doctors and get an appointment. It was simple. Not so much these days….

My calf muscle is still causing a lot of pain after pulling it on Sunday. So after another night of no sleep I tried ringing my GP (General practitioner) this morning but I couldn’t get through. So I rang the NHS 111 number (non emergency) and they did an assessment. They said they would tell the doctors (GP) that I needed to be seen within 2 hours. They said ring surgery and tell them I had spoken to 111, the surgery would see a referral on their computer, so I did. But the surgery said 111 is only for out of hours cases? That I should always ring the surgery in opening times. I explained that I only rang them because I couldn’t get through. Then Dr’s said they hadn’t had a referral from 111! So I explained I hadn’t slept properly for three days. The receptionist suggested going to a walk in centre. I’m afraid I burst into tears so she said she would get the on call Dr to ring me. Then a few minutes later she rang back, as my leg isn’t swollen the Dr has prescribed cocodamol and ibuprofen gel. If it gets worse I have to ring back. I’ve got to persuade hubby to collect them from the pharmacy later. I’m more tired than anything else now….

Walked ten thousand steps today

I’d done 9270 steps today, walking to the doctors surgery and back, but I wanted to get to ten thousand. What to do? It was mad but I walked backwards and forwards inside my house, from the front door to the back wall. Over and over. Touch the wall, turn, touch the door, turn. Check if the steps registered (sometimes they don’t). I could have gone out but the rain was tipping down. So wet the cats looked like otters just out of the river when they ran in through the cat flap! Backwards and forwards, till I did it… Tomorrow? Don’t know.

Celtic cross

Tried to do a celtic cross (wonky). Sponged black paint. Black ink, then watercolour and finally a bit more black ink on top…
#bandofsketchers prompt today is Easter. I did try and copy this from a photo, but my left hand and arm wobble and shake so much its affecting my right arm. Very fed up. Would love to do something more accurate. I think I’d better try and get in the doctors.

Will Christmas be cancelled….?

Christmas is coming but will it happen? Our government is locking down the country from Thursday until December 2nd. This is after being advised by the scientists and doctors to bring in a lockdown about three or four weeks ago. No, they didn’t want to harm the economy, close schools, so they decided on a Tiered system, one, two and three… But that doesn’t seem to be working, hospital admissions and deaths are escalating again. So now it’s a lockdown. But then a minister has come out to say the lockdown might extend past four weeks. I don’t know where we will be at Christmas.

The whole thing seems to have been dealt with so indecisively, instead of keeping on top of things we were all given free rein, people travelled across boundaries.

I’m fed up, but I will continue to stick to the rules. I will be careful, I will wash my hands and I will continue to wear a mask, not just for me but also the people around me. Meanwhile the government needs to get its act together. Money is not more important than people.