You used to be able to ring the doctors and get an appointment. It was simple. Not so much these days….

My calf muscle is still causing a lot of pain after pulling it on Sunday. So after another night of no sleep I tried ringing my GP (General practitioner) this morning but I couldn’t get through. So I rang the NHS 111 number (non emergency) and they did an assessment. They said they would tell the doctors (GP) that I needed to be seen within 2 hours. They said ring surgery and tell them I had spoken to 111, the surgery would see a referral on their computer, so I did. But the surgery said 111 is only for out of hours cases? That I should always ring the surgery in opening times. I explained that I only rang them because I couldn’t get through. Then Dr’s said they hadn’t had a referral from 111! So I explained I hadn’t slept properly for three days. The receptionist suggested going to a walk in centre. I’m afraid I burst into tears so she said she would get the on call Dr to ring me. Then a few minutes later she rang back, as my leg isn’t swollen the Dr has prescribed cocodamol and ibuprofen gel. If it gets worse I have to ring back. I’ve got to persuade hubby to collect them from the pharmacy later. I’m more tired than anything else now….

9 thoughts on “Doctors

  1. I’m really angry at my doc. I hurt my shoulder. I called for an appt. 3 weeks AFTER my injury was the soonest I could see her. It wasn’t an emergency so? And then the stupid ass Urgent Care doc I saw in Colorado Springs charged $200 for a sling I never used. I’m over doctors. I just hope I don’t need one.

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    1. Yes sounds awful. I had rung yesterday and was offered an appointment in October. But rang back today because it was impossible to sleep and I have underlying problems with my legs. The NHS is gradually getting sold off the profitable bits go to private clinics. Patients don’t pay, its free at the point of contact, but it’s not like the old days when it was all managed internally.

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  2. Your Health System sounds a lot like it is here in parts of Australia. An 88 year old friend of mine who has terminal bladder cancer has regular blood tests and often needs blood transfusions. Recently his level were below an acceptable level, the doctor sent a referral to the hospital requesting an urgent blood transfusion….this was early September…the hospital sent an appointment for late November. ….. absolutely disgusting. You can often get immediate help if you have symptoms of Covid 19 or having a drug overdose or a sports injury.

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