Waiting for coffee

Hubby yesterday, we had gone over to Middleport pottery so I could draw with the Stoke on Trent Urban Sketchers group. We decided to grab a cup of coffee but the cafe was very crowded and I’ve just got over a cold and didn’t want to catch another or worse. I decided to sit at one of the big round tables outside and so took the opportunity to draw my hubby and the canal and view behind him. The pointy thing about a third of the way in on the right is a church steeple but my ink brush wasn’t thin enough to get a point on it! Anyway I was pleased with the results.

And the moon landed on his head….

One of my Christmas presents was a night light, about 18 inches in diameter that is based on the moon. It lights up as a full moon but you can also set it to gently run through phases like the real moon with a remote control.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. The nightlight gives enough light, if you sit up in bed, to read a book by. So about six am I got the novel I’m reading out and read for about twenty minutes. Then I lay down to try and sleep. I reached up to turn out the light with the little switch at the base of it. Oops! I pushed too hard, the large plastic domed moon slid off the little nail it was loosely hooked on, it slid sideways as I tried to grab it, and bump! Hit my hubby on the head. He was fast asleep but shouted out wha? Then fell back to sleep. This morning after hooking the moon back up, I asked him if he remembered being hit by the moon. He replied he wondered what had happened? I said the Moon fell on him!

Big cat

For the first time ever our big cat sat on my hubby’s knees! He as an abandoned cat and we have looked after him for five years. Gradually over that time he has become more appreciative of being stroked. He used to just sit on the chair arms between us, but now he’s venturing further. He’s a sweet cat, and he’s very big, but very gentle. He will tell you when he doesn’t like something. He rarely likes being lifted up, but he’s much calmer now. He loves his food and he’s quiet around our other two cats. I love them all….


Thank you to my hubby for rescuing me this morning. I was trying to get out of bed. I swung my legs out but ended up floundering on the edge. Half in and half out. My hubby came round and assisted me. I felt my bum sliding off the edge of the bed. I think. I was short of oxygen. I feel weak as a kitten. I hope this doesn’t get worse.

Window open

Brrrr. I’m sitting feeling quite cold. Our central heating system is due to be serviced but even though its a very cold day I was expecting a bit more warmth… Its been a sunny day so it helped warm up the house…. But then hubby just said ‘I’d better shut the bedroom window!’ Wait? WHAT?

He had opened it about six hours ago because it was too hot up there. So I’ve had the central heating on full blast and we have effectively been heating the whole atmosphere!!! I asked him, again, not to do this, but he’s forgetful and he likes fresh air. Tempted to shut all the heating off….. Then he said I’d better turn the hose off… Ape that’s been on for four or five hours. No doubt there are icebergs in the garden now! Grrr and Brrrr

He bought me… The Moon

My hubby bought me the Moon yesterday. He knows I love astronomy. It’s a light that is domed so it looks like one side of the moon. It has a remote control and goes through phases as you press one of the buttons or scrolls through them if you press the other button, slowly waxing and waning as you watch it. It’s not astronomically accurate, just a rough surface with vague craters and marès painted on it. It’s only a nightlight, I put it in the bedroom and tried to read by it but it’s just too dim. But good for getting up in the middle of the night because it’s not too bright so it won’t wake my hubby up. X


Over ninety days ago I started writing (and drawing) three gratitudes a day. I didn’t always remember until the next day. But I’m glad and grateful that I’m doing it. I still feel sad and upset about things, but maybe not as much. By writing gratitudes I’m forcing my mind into a different path. There are so many small things I can think of, like traffic signals staying in green, to the cat coming over to sit on my lap. Grateful for small helps and support from my hubby. It makes the world feel less worrying. It helps.


Two photos, bleached and then painted over.

When you are an artist and your hubby decides to try and clean his trousers (with neat bleach!) No! The brown corduroy turned orange in patches. I have no brown dye, I wouldn’t know how to use it?! What to do? I bunged them in the washing machine to get any residual bleach out. Then while they were still wet I mixed up some brown and black acrylic paint. I have painted it on to see if it covered the bleached areas. It’s still a bit orange so I will give it another layer when it’s dry. I don’t want the cloth to become too stiff. At least it means they aren’t being thrown away and the paint should be colour fast!

Green memory

Three years ago I painted my hubby ‘my green man’. It came up on my Facebook memories today. He is a green man, gardening does him good, helps him to try and relax. He is a bunging in gardener, there’s no rhyme or reasoning to his planting, and he just plants things where he likes, but he must have green fingers. That’s why I painted him as a green man. Acrylic on canvas.

Cowboy films

Just lately my hubby has started watching a lot of cowboy films that I really do not enjoy very much. Yes there are occasions when something comes on the TV which I think is interesting (like Dances with Wolves), but mainly I get bored with them. The old ones are very formulaic and modern ones are very violent and brutal. What’s the point of watching them. They are not my history, and yet there are so many of them. I’d like to watch a decent film about British history occasionally. I do realise that Hollywood has a huge influence over the world. But the constant pushing of gun slinging, murdering, bandits and corrupt government officials just bores and depresses me. Guns are not a solution, they are weapons that should be locked away. Gunfight films just perpetuate the dangers of them.