Purple tulip

Just watched Gardeners World on TV. Who knew that you should plant tip bulbs about eight inches deep to get them to flower well. Or that if you take off the flower and stem when the tulip flower dies the leaves will photosynthesise and feed the bulb so it flowers again next year.

I decided to draw a tulip, but I used some gold glitter and spray ink (purple and green) to create some texture. The gold is really sparkling in the first photo, but top the sketchbook and it calms it down a bit.

I used a thin nib black ink pen for the details. Î

Life drawing live

Just been drawing at the BBC life drawing live TV programme. A series of short poses of models, all done under social distancing rules. 15893172736382071260241553628239

It was quite stressful. Trying to see the model on the TV when you only have a small screen. I needed a closer view. But overall I enjoyed it.

Various things used to draw, ink pen, charcoal pencil, a metallic pencil and 5b pencil.