Six months…

Six months since I lost you

Six months of sorrow

I don’t remember every day

But milestones on the way

Remind me of a voice lost

A physical presence gone.

When I feel down the loss is greater

I dispare that your life is over.

I still pray for you at night

And I wish with all my might

That you were still here

Even if you were not near

Sister, twin, friend

My love to you

I send.

Dawn chorus 5am

Imagined view of our garden with bird singing. Too dark to really see.

It’s just after 5am now. I got up because my toes hurt (gout?) on the other foot to the one I had broken my toenail on. Long boring story…

Anyway it’d still dark so I’m sitting here by the light of a standard lamp and trying to sleep with my foot uncovered so there’s no pressure on it.

But through the window I can hear the lilting song of what I think is either a Robin or a Blackbird. I haven’t heard them in the morning during the winter, so I guess spring might just be on the way. It’s lovely to hear them, possibly marking out their territory in the tangled trees and bushes we call our garden. Mind you they have to be aware of the local cats. Mine are all inside snuggled up, but I hope they are singing high up in the branches. X

In toe news

Toe sorted out, went to a private chiropodists. Just got to let it settle down for a couple of days. This is the ‘before’ photo. He cut off the broken bit and trimmed my nails. Just after I got this appointment I got a call from the NHS podiatrists saying they could see me later today. I felt really guilty but I’d spent the night with my toes wrapped up and I didn’t get much sleep. I decided to stick with the appointment I’d made. I don’t like booking things then not turning up!

Makeshift covering…

After spending three hours searching for plasters… I found them. I’ve put one lengthwise over my toe to protect it. To hold the loose bit of my toenail in place. I tried to put another one round three toes but it didn’t work so I’ve resorted to Masking tape. It hurts but I didn’t want to leave it loose because when I go to bed the sheets will catch on it. Ouchie!

Golfers elbow, too much phone use?

I was recently diagnosed with golfers elbow, and should be resting my arm, but I think it’s partly being cause because of my shaking arm. I’m trying to hold it still but I think that’s causing the muscles on the inside of my elbow to tighten and clench. That being said it hurts when I hold my phone in my left hand, but I would have thought my right arm would be involved too? Anyway I think I will blog more on my pc and rest my arm. Isn’t life wonderful?!

February’s steps

After several months of little or no activity my brain kicked in and I’ve started walking again. I went from virtually zero to around five thousand steps a day. I think I am finally better after illness and sad times. My health is by no means perfect, I’m having lots of problems with pain, but if I don’t make the effort things will only get worse. Sitting watching daytime TV is not the best use of my time, and I’m hoping more activity will also get my creativity going again.


No,  not the sort that you find on a beach.  The one caused by having chickenpox. It can come back as shingles in later life…..

Hubby is due his vaccination against it which is great,  but I’ve had an aching lower back for a week. It hurt even more last night,  each time I tried to get comfortable  I got shooting pains in my back and leg. My hubby had noticed a rash of blistery spots in a line on my lower back, just on one side.  Suddenly it occurred to me this might be shingles. I looked it up and found an image that seemed similar to what I have. Luckily I got a doctors appointment and they decided it was a mild case so I’ve got some tablets that should calm it down. They used to say if your shingles met in the middle you would be very ill (not sure how bad or how they could), I’m thankful it’s not too bad.

Small photo, incase you are eating your tea. Not my shingles. An Internet view.

Forgot to blog!

My mind was occupied by various things today. Mostly pain from Sciatica or something similar. I tried doing yoga in bed a few nights ago and pulled something in my lower back so I’ve been trying to rest it and it has got a little bit better. I did go to choir but wasn’t happy standing up to sing. Very annoying. Any art on the way? No just trying to delete some photos as my phone is 90% full!

Why can’t I sleep?

Cats can snooze anywhere. I can hear this one snoring next to me. But I just lie awake. A million thoughts tangle in my head, health issues, pain in my feet and shoulder, snoring from hubby, then there was hunger, thirst. Went and had a slice of toast and a decaff coffee. I did finish a couple of paintings. When I went back to bed I did what I sometimes do and put the radio on to murmur me to sleep, but last night it was too interesting. Even the shipping forecast ‘Dover, Wight, Portland, Plymouth, North backing North West, 25 miles, good, occasional rain and mist. Two to three.’ Something like that. Then there’s a news briefing, farming today, a prayer for today, tweet of the day (birdsong) then into the Today programme. Radio four. Somewhere around six thirty I fell asleep only to be woken at ten by my hubby who had slept for twelve hours! Argh!