Titanic cost!

On sale, you can build your own scale model of the Titanic. It’s being advertised at the moment on TV. Working parts and museum quality.

Sounds great? The first installment is £1.99, and there are 140 issues… So that would be around £280….expensive I know, and you have to put it together yourself…

But don’t forget to read the small print. The first issue is £1.99, the further 139 issues are £9.99 each! So that’s £9.99 x 139 + £1.99 = £1390.60! What? And if you miss one edition, or they don’t do the whole run? I think you’ve got to be very dedicated and strongly motivated to do it and spend so much!



Four faces, four seasons, four points of the compass. Why four. Why is a four leaf clover lucky? Four wheels on a car, for stability? Four suits in cards…. Four quarters, but that’s just quarters. The four winds.

But then I can’t think of many other fours. And why four anyway? We have ten fingers and ten toes, and for that matter the British culture used to have twelve as its main number, twelve inches in a foot, twelve pennies in a shilling. But then there are all sorts of other numbers, 1 for winning, coming first, two’s company. Threes a crowd, bronze medal, third place. Who wants to come fourth? Seven and eight are supposed to be lucky numbers. Thirteen may be unlucky?

However you look at numbers all of them will be imbued with some story or other. That’s what humans do. Tell stories….