It’s not real, honest.

Hubby was playing with a model aeroplane yesterday. The trouble was the shutter on my camera reacted a few seconds after I pressed it, so the plane was not in the picture. I had a silly idea. I would superimpose a model plane on the photo. Problem, I don’t have that sort of software on my phone. So I drew a plane instead. Its badly drawn and I had to erase bits of it to get the general shape. But you get the idea of what was happening in reality.

Quick sketches (life drawings)

Warning contains nudity.

A ten minute and fifteen minute sketch I recently completed at a life drawing group a few weeks ago. Looking at them now I can see that the details are not correct, but not too bad. The leg lengths on the second sketch are definitely too short. You can see how I tried to extend them a bit. When you draw a figure it’s a good idea to work out where to place the head. If you are too low on the page you run the risk of losing the lower half of the figure as in the first, ten minute sketch. But these were swift sketches, drawn on pale brown Ingres paper which is suitable for the mid tones then drawn in black ink fine line pen and shaded with pencil crayons.

One thing I hate with life studies is when artists leave the head off. Especially when it’s a female study. To me, they may not be able to draw facial features, but by leaving the head off it makes the figure look more like a slab of meat, disturbing and disrespectful of the female model.

Titanic cost!

On sale, you can build your own scale model of the Titanic. It’s being advertised at the moment on TV. Working parts and museum quality.

Sounds great? The first installment is £1.99, and there are 140 issues… So that would be around £280….expensive I know, and you have to put it together yourself…

But don’t forget to read the small print. The first issue is £1.99, the further 139 issues are £9.99 each! So that’s £9.99 x 139 + £1.99 = £1390.60! What? And if you miss one edition, or they don’t do the whole run? I think you’ve got to be very dedicated and strongly motivated to do it and spend so much!

Make your own…. Car

First issue 99 pence. Then 109 more issues at £9.99! That’s £1089.90 for a hand built model.. That you have to build yourself! It may be a special car, but is it worth over £1000 and two years of your life? There must be some people that build and buy them, otherwise they would not be advertised. I guess people who love model trains might like them too. I didn’t make a note of the type of car. I was just amazed at the cost and number of issues.



Black and white drawing from the website I drew a few years ago. Based on a pre-Raphaelite painting. I just love the faces they created. Long noses, cupid bow lips, beautifully painted eyes. I could never achieve that level of soft, smooth, flowing colours.

I don’t know the history of the movement but I know there were some famous models that appeared in their paintings over and over again. There was gossip about the painters behaviours and morals . But they left the world with some wonderful images.

Giant beetle


A model of a waterboatman. They swim upside down on the surface tension of the waters surface. They eat duck weed and algae. Not to be mixed up with great diving beetles or pond skaters. When I saw this I was amazed at its intricate structure.

This model was in a local shopping centre. It was about four foot across. Fascinating