Finished drawing?

I think this is done. I hope they like it. I’ve tried to get the tones right but it’s hard to get it right. I think I’ve got the features close to how they look on the photo.. I decided not to draw the whole figure as the little boys head would have to be a lot smaller and I’ve tried to simplify the background. Anyway it’s going to it’s new home soon. X

Cat washing

The problem with drawing cats from life is that they move! They get into interesting positions and shapes then a second later a different leg is up in the air or they have turned round, head up, down, twisted. Eyes open, eyes closed. The trick is to outline the drawing first, filling in the black area afterwards. This was a five minute sketch. Late night, the cat is settling down for a sleep. I do try and draw from memory but it doesn’t always work, especially with cats!

Other handed

Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was using your other hand to draw. As I have injured my right hand I was happy to try and draw with my left hand

This is one of our cats. Drawn left handed. I could manage the outlinesbut the shading is a bit rough and ready. I used a dark blue ink brush to go over the black shading. I have some nice metallic pens which are useful to create related colours

Craggy face

Line drawing (with added shading). It could be a drawing of folded paper. I was just doodling. I do love making things up. I might not be an expert but I do love drawing.

It could be chipped out of rock or cut from wood. It could be 3d, made from plastic sheets, a maquette for a large sculpture… All it is, is lines and shading.

Prompt ‘shiny’

Spoon on a chair throw. My version of shiny… My drawing for today’s #bandofsketchers prompt.

Drawn with felt pens and permanent marker pens. Why a spoon? It was an opportunity to draw the bowl of the spoon and the way the reflections curve round it. The handle is a bit wonky, but not bad. Reasonably happy with it.

Using dots for shading.

Sometimes hatching won’t do, so I use dots to shade things. It still creates a slightly darker tone than white. It fools the eye into thinking there is grey there (a bit like half tone in newspapers). I love the 1960’s pop art paintings where they used half tone dots to emphasise the graphic design style of them. Black felt pen on cartridge paper.


Today’s prompt for band of sketchers was the colour orange. I gathered a group of things together and used permanent markers to draw it in. I tried to colour the areas without drawing it out first.

Orange is a peculiar colour, some people identify reds as orange, and orange as yellow. Everyone has different eyesight and abilities to differentiate colours. I imagine someone with colour-blindness would just see muddy browns?