Trying to draw an upside down face

Using the sketch app on my phone and a stylus I found, although the phone haptic seemed happier with my finger. Mostly drawn upside down but I had to turn it round when I realised the nose was too long and the mouth needed repositioning. I drew it as if the light was coming from the top. Today’s #bandofsketchers was looking down and this digital drawing is looking down (I almost drew my foot)…


Tuesdays #bandofsketchers prompt was diversion. This is a totally digital drawing using tools like flower and leaf stamps in the ‘Sketch’ app on my phone. It also has a pixel pen and a ruler that allows you to draw straight lines. I added some crackles and shadows to make it feel like something that has been there for ages. I call it ‘Round the houses’. Or ‘a long way round’!

Yellow purple complement

Playing with complementary colours. I like red/green and blue/orange but a favourite is this combination yellow/purple. I yexturised the original pattern then mirror ed two of each, original and textured. Interestingly the colours seem to change as I used the texturising filters so I put them through Instagram to boost the intensity of the colours. It’s just a fun pattern.

Green man abstract

I kept some of the images I created on my old Nokia phone when I changed. I was really happy with the flood fill option it had because there were different patterns and textures instead of just basic colours. The green areas were finger painted onto the screen. It was fun to use and created some interesting effects.

Yeti Alert

Drawing of a Yeti. I thought I could write a children’s book about one, but I don’t really know what it would be about, I just liked the idea. Then I saw Terry Pratchett had written a story about a baby yeti. It’s due out on Christmas day on the BBC. I’m looking forward to it… Whatever my Yeti story is I hope its funny enough.

World tree

A tree I drew for someone a few years ago that she wanted for her business cards. I wish this wasn’t so blurred but I only got a chance to take a quick photo of the finished printed card and I can’t find the computer file it was saved on.

It was a commission for her and she was really pleased with the result. Its funny how you find images that suddenly spark memories. The rainbow type colouration in the background was hard to get right. I think I used a digital spray can to get the softness…

Digital Marilyn

A digital drawing I did of Marilyn Munroe a few years ago. It was very hard to get her features right. I’m not sure what film the image was taken from but it might have been ‘some like it hot’ which also starred Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

The story is that they are escaping gangsters and escape by dressing as women and joining a woman’s Jazz band. Marilyn is the singer of the band. If you ever want to cheer yourself up I would recommend the film.


A digital drawing, but done on an app I don’t use anymore. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was changed radically by the people that ran it and it became much less painterly and much more patterned filters. In the end I could not get on with it. I lost the enjoyment of it. When I manipulated images I could not create patterns like this anymore. Eventually I gave up and deleted the app about three or four years ago.