Favourite filter

I like this particular filter on photodirector. It creates swirls but of a definite size, texturising the felt pen shading, and making a more graphic design. It sort of reorganises my artwork into something more abstract but coherent. Less realism, more illustrative. Drawing and playing with the resultant image is keeping me occupied on a very cold day, with temperatures below freezing in some parts of the country and a sprinkling of snow here, but deep elsewhere. And I dream of going to Bodnant in the spring.

Snow expected

Another finger painting

It’s getting colder here and the forecast or Scotland, parts of Wales and the North West is for snow over the next few days. That made me want to draw snowflakes, and that led me to using the sketch app again.

At the moment I’m trying to keep warm and get over the bug I’ve had for a few weeks. The thought of colder weather does not fill me with joy. Just dread!

Still I like my colours that I’ve used on the drawing, a little bit like Wedgwood China.

Christmas cactuses, late

Only a couple of weeks late, but gloriously in flower now. It’s amazing how the tiny tips of flower buds grow swell and then unfurl. We have bright red, and pale pink and dark pink it’s a riot of flowers in the kitchen. Plus we have a cyclamen and a money tree. I like it at this time of year. It disguises the dying hanging baskets outside in the yard.

Eye doodles

For as long as I can remember I have drawn eyes. Sometimes I’ve even just painted them. I have always drawn faces, my Mom would ask why I drew nostrils when I was about nine or ten, and I said it was because people had them! I’ve never stopped drawing eyes, but I have a definite way I learnt when I was a child and its hard to get out of the habit, they just don’t look realistic. It’s something to do with the shading of the eyeballs, and the eyelids and flesh around them. Hence doodling to play with my technique and used photodirector to change the texture on the drawings.

December Fushias

Fushias in flower outside Portmeirion pottery. In December!

I took this photo today because I was amazed at how many flowers were blooming on the fushia bushes outside our local pottery. The leaves have wilted a little and I’m expecting it to be clobbered by the cold because we, are due freezing weather over the next few days. But its December, this is not normal. Its getting dark earlier every day and we have a chilly northerly wind blowing. It’s not proof of global warming, but it makes you think!

Decidedly under the weather

I’m tired and not feeling much like doing anything, scratchy sore throat and a bit blocked up nose and ears. I decided to doodle a face. Why is it when I draw profiles they normally face left? Previous discussions with other artists raised the idea you can see where to draw easier if you draw the outline first then move back towards the eyes and mouth and ears. This is a finger drawing in ArtRage oils. I need to experiment more with it. I also need to find my stylus.

Finished Poppy Meditation

Hard work, but I think it was worth it. I think some of my paintings are like knitting or embroidery, pulling all the threads together to bring it to a finished piece. And sometimes it’s knowing where to stop, to feel satisfied. Sometimes my hubby says I overwork things, but I think I know where I am with this. I decided not to add any bees or butterflies, I think that would just distract.