Sunset over Alsager Mere

It doesn’t get more spectacular, looking out over the mere as the sun set, changing from orange and blue to a peach and rosy purple. It was a long day but enjoyable.

It’s interesting that on Mars the sky is red with dust in the daytime, then the sun sets and the sky turns blue.

I live on the wrong side of the hill so that I don’t get to see sunsets very often. It was lovely to see this.


Mug design


Take an abstract doodle and reimagine it as a mug design.

I just sketched the black in quickly but I could see this printed on a mug. It’s brightly coloured, a real pop of pattern.

Somehow I’ve got to start getting my art work printed. I think that would be a way forward with my pictures. I’ve had a few enquiries from people recently.

Co-op Stoke


I love this old domed building in Stoke. I had thought it was a cinema, but apparently it was a co-operative shop before it closed down. I still think it was probably a cinema before that? It’s so grand. The white of the building and the browns and terracottas of the building on front of it make a good contrast. The hot was taken from the Spode Site car park in Eleanora Street, Stoke. The view is looking towards Hartshill and the D Road. It was taken on my phone one day last week.