Earth and Moon

Another drawing, Earth and Moon, drawn at Sketchfu. My interests in science and astronomy are shown here. Also trying to render the appearance of cloudscape from space. The website was simple, four or five sized circular brushes, opacity and transparency, a basic pallette and a colour picker and eraser. Not much more. But lots of people, artists, writers, enjoyed the site. It just got too big, wasn’t monetised, and the owners decided to move on to something else. I miss it. X


Yesterday’s #bandofsketchers sketch was tools, the hammers are a bit rusty. The mole grips are out of the ark. I put them an a cushion as an interesting background. It is only a very quick sketch but I enjoyed doing it. Theres another group I’m in #uskstoke, Stoke Urban Sketchers is starting doing virtual sketch outs because of lockdown. So might be posting some more pictures here from that.


New pens to draw with..


I’m drawing so much, I had to go and buy some new drawing pens today. Six thin to thick pens. I look forward to using them for new projects. I will start using them over the next few days. They contain pigmented India ink whick which has maximum light fastness, they are waterproof, odourless, permanent and have other attributes that seem to make them ideal for drawing with.