Kaleidoscope or Mandala using a sketch app on my phone, I think as I draw I try and create an interesting and satisfying pattern. You don’t know what you will end up with when you start, but I think it does help relax you. The app allows you to draw symmetrical patterns by repeating one line over and over again round a circle. I love playing with apps.

And then there’s faces

Digital drawing I did six years ago. I think in the sketcher free app and then I used the layout app on my phone. I’ve tried several art apps but I can’t keep all of them on my phone because I still haven’t increased the memory on it. I don’t want to lose my images if they get deleted by accident. I could imagine this being a tapestry or embroidery.


Lines added to the sketch of my friend using a sketching app on my phone. Then I used a flood fill to colour the background and used the photodirector app to add texture. The drawing is still visible underneath the digital doodling. It’s interesting to play with images. It might not be very artistic but I enjoyed working on it.

Blue goldfish

Doodle from 2018. I think I’m sharing this again because of Ukraine. Ever more sad news. More death and destruction. More madness. I needed to see something calming and this fit the bill. I could probably filter it and change it to a gold fish in a blue or green pool, but where would the fun be in that? Digital doodle in a sketching app.

Finger drawing

I haven’t been able to draw much today because of my hand. I just tried to draw a Buddha by doing a digital finger painting using artrage oils and a sketching app. I’m not doing well with details, just broad brushstrokes. I don’t want to stop drawing, but I need to rest things a bit. Maybe I’m hoping for a bit of good Karma.

Doodles from 2018. Unizeb and Pegazeb?

Sometimes I go a bit mad, these two were drawn in the sketcher free app, using the ribbon tool on it. I don’t use it very often anymore.

Horses are portrayed as mythical, but why not Zebras? The blue/turquoise make a good background. With the pens set to make a pattern like wirework. I wanted something dramatic and interesting.