Trying to draw an upside down face

Using the sketch app on my phone and a stylus I found, although the phone haptic seemed happier with my finger. Mostly drawn upside down but I had to turn it round when I realised the nose was too long and the mouth needed repositioning. I drew it as if the light was coming from the top. Today’s #bandofsketchers was looking down and this digital drawing is looking down (I almost drew my foot)…

Uphill walk

Today I walked into Stoke by walking Uphill, (and then downhill again).. I’m a bit unsteady on my feet. It sounds strange but because I shake and my arm goes stiff and my foot clenches a bit I feel very nervous of tripping and falling. I look down more than up, watching my feet instead of looking at the view. But I need exercise. I cannot just sit on my chair and wait to become completely dilapidated like these old bottle ovens. My arm and hand hurt holding the phone while I type. But I won’t stop. Life, it gets to you sometimes! But I can walk Uphill!