1.10.19 one inch drawing challenge.

1st drawing on 1st October 2019, the giant straw bee at Snugburys, Nantwich. The challenge is to fit the image into a one inch square. To be completed over the thirty one days of October.

I did it from a photo on my phone because it was ouring down with rain. If the weather is better I will try and draw en plein air.


Old Oak and ice-cream

Visited Snugburys ice cream parlour near Nantwich today. I had the sugar free vanilla and a plain cone. It was weird, a bit like tiny frozen hailstones slightly moist, but bits kept dropping off! My hubby had Walnut and Maple syrup (me jealous?).

As we came out we had a look at one of the oak trees in the grounds. It was hollow inside. The tree looked healthy though. As a tree grows the outside bark and outer layers carry the nutrients and water up the trunk in tubes called phloem and xylem. The centre can be lost, but as long as fluids still flow and the outer wood is strong the tree will survive.

Finally we walked towards the giant bee they have built out of straw. It replaced the Peter Rabbit sculpture that was previously there. We didn’t go to close because it was raining and very windy. Took a quick photo. Enjoyable visit.



There are various sculptures in Trentham gardens. Each time I visit there seem to be more.

From fairies to birds, animals, plants.

The original sculpture in the gardens is Persius and Medusa. A gory sculpture of Persius holding the gorgons head. The body of Medusa is draped over the column he stands on.

Later additions are several wire fairies holding dandelion heads, the seeds are floating into the air. Then there are snails sculpted onto plant leaves and a hare twisting round to look out of tall grasses. The latest ones I’ve seen are a huge kingfisher sculpture and a tree trunk that has been carved into the shape of a frog. I got lots of ideas of things to add to our garden from this visit.



I give you ‘Mikeowl’ made by wonderful blacksmith, Charis Jones, of Sculpted Steel. She’s based at Etruria Forge in Stoke-on-Trent. I bought it last year at a gallery in Eccleshall. I think it’s called Gallery at Twenty? It’s on our mantlepiece. The background is a plate my hubby coloured in and varnished at the Gladstone pottery. I thought it made a good backdrop. The thing that gets me is the spiral eyes. It’s just so cute!¬†

Garden stag


Walking round a garden centre a couple of weeks ago. This huge statue was for sale. Far outside my price bracket it’s cost was far lower than some of the garden buildings being sold there. Some of them cost more than my house¬† in fact you might have to take out a mortgage to afford to pay for them.

The photo is courtesy of my friend who was with us on the day.

Stag attack


Did he come in from the countryside? Race across the garden centre. Stand at bay in the middle of the mahonias and fatsia plants? Did he knock them like skittles across the patio? Did he roar a challenge to the bamboo ducks sitting on the bridge? A woman walks past and does not hear his challenge. A cat, out of shot, creeps past incase he disturbs the scene. Agapanthus are ready to grow. Perennials are sprouting. This metallic majesty sparkles in the sun. Windswept and tangled in plants he stands up head high, massive antlers shaking in the windy April air.

Photos of Warhorse

I wrote about going to see Warhorse last week, but I did a drawing because we were not allowed to take photos.

Then I found these photos on line. I think they are publicity shots which are allowed to be shared. If they suddenly disappear you will know why.

They just show the beauty and also horror of the play. Such strong sculptural images.