Mom’s wedding ring

What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

My wedding ring holds mom’s in place. Her hands must have been bigger than mine, hers would fall off without it. My ring is cheap, soft gold. I bought it myself for £27 from a jewellery store when we were getting married. Mom’s wedding ring is heavier and I’m sure higher quality. It’s slowly wearing mine away as they have rubbed against each other for about ten years. It was her bequest to me when she died, and every time I look at it I am reminded of the strong supportive woman she was. She allowed me to go to college when she could have insisted that I found a job. She helped me with my spelling when I was younger (I was in a low stream at school because I couldn’t see properly). They tested my eyes and I got glasses, mom helped me catch up by helping me with spelling. 100 words at a time! I got put up into the top stream at school. Mom encouraged my artistic endeavours. She would even show people my drawings.

She raised me and my siblings after our father died and went out and did two jobs to support us. She learnt to drive so she could transport us to places. She even took us out to Chinese meals and taught us how to use chopsticks. So many good and odd memories! She raised us to be polite and thoughtful. I am forever in her debt.

From bad to worse?

Not this one…

But while I was having tea tonight I realised one of my rings was missing. One hubby had given me on our anniversary a few years ago. I’d had to wait for it because the one in the shop was a size too big. I eventually got it, gold with some diamond chips.

I suddenly looked down at my hand and felt something was missing. I did a double take and squinted, not realising it was gone. Just thinking it had shrunk….?

Searching, in bins, no, going through the recycling, no, but it must have slid off. I’ve lost a bit more weight and all my rings are getting loose. In the pedal bin, no, in the kitchen, on the floor? No…. Panic, where was it. Coat pockets, no, dressing gown pocket? No. Another bad thing today… Looked on the floor and swept up. No. Can’t vacuum incase it gets sucked up.

I remember a senior manager getting some students to search for her diamond ring through full vacuum cleaner bags! That was years ago.

Oh where are you? Handbag, got a torch… A GLINT of GOLD!

Oh great!!! I won’t need to contact the places we visited, or our insurance.

Where is it now? On my other little finger, crammed between two other ones. Hopefully safe now.

Jewellery for sale

I’ve got some of my glass pendants for sale at Etruria Industrial Museum cafe. I also have some cards and prints. It feels good to have work accepted by them, I don’t have many outlets available in the area. I need to find some more places and try my hand at craft fairs again, but I want to work towards more fine art.

I like doing craft fairs but if you don’t sell enough and you have to provide your own table, or even gazebo, it’s hard to make enough to cover the costs of the fees, plus I am not capable of putting up a gazebo on my own… Possibly a Sun Umbrella, but that might not be suitable!

My stall

Lots of small and tiny paintings, jewellery and prints were also for sale today at the exhibition. The ginger cat at the front centre found a new home. I was only charging a small amount so it was good to sell a few. I even discounted them more. Sometimes you need space to create new things.

Today’s exhibition

Two boards I had paintings on today. I also had a table with small paintings, jewellery and prints. I sold a few pieces which was good and I think I got a good reception from people. Overall most people in the group seemed to have a good day. It was quite busy all day from when we opened to the last few minutes. It was also good chatting with artists and finding out bit more about their work. I’m tired but happy.

Exhibition time

This Saturday, around eight artists will be exhibiting at the Whitfield Community Centre, Whitfield Avenue, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire. Eleven till Four.

It should be good. Crafts and jewellery as well as paintings and drawings will be for sale. It will be interesting to see how many people come out. Hope the weather is fine. I will be wearing a mask, hope no one minds!

Foot in it?

When you take a photo of your work and post it in Instagram… Don’t include your foot! I was trying to take a photo of my necklaces on display at the waiting room gallery at Longport, Stoke-on-Trent. I’m pleased to say I have sold two necklaces and a small painting. It’s taken six months, but now they can allow people in again it might do better. I may arrange to make some more pieces.

I won’t be including my feet!

I needed chains…

I’ve been panicking because I made some new glass pendants but I had no chains or laces to hang them on. In the end I went to our local supermarket and found some plain chains that were reduced a bit in price. As I make one off things I don’t use wholesalers so it’s a bit difficult to just find an appropriate match for the pendants.

I used my business cards to display the pendants. I realise now that my vibrant painting matches the colours on my jewellery.

They will be for sale at the Waiting room gallery in Longport, Stoke-on-Trent.