From bad to worse?

Not this one…

But while I was having tea tonight I realised one of my rings was missing. One hubby had given me on our anniversary a few years ago. I’d had to wait for it because the one in the shop was a size too big. I eventually got it, gold with some diamond chips.

I suddenly looked down at my hand and felt something was missing. I did a double take and squinted, not realising it was gone. Just thinking it had shrunk….?

Searching, in bins, no, going through the recycling, no, but it must have slid off. I’ve lost a bit more weight and all my rings are getting loose. In the pedal bin, no, in the kitchen, on the floor? No…. Panic, where was it. Coat pockets, no, dressing gown pocket? No. Another bad thing today… Looked on the floor and swept up. No. Can’t vacuum incase it gets sucked up.

I remember a senior manager getting some students to search for her diamond ring through full vacuum cleaner bags! That was years ago.

Oh where are you? Handbag, got a torch… A GLINT of GOLD!

Oh great!!! I won’t need to contact the places we visited, or our insurance.

Where is it now? On my other little finger, crammed between two other ones. Hopefully safe now.

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