Back to singing

🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶

After a couple of weeks off I went back to choir practice tonight. I still have a tickly cough and every time I tried to sing with any volume it set it off. It’s annoying because it’s hard to harmonise with a growly voice! It was throwing it down with rain, but there was a good attendance there. The first thing that happened though was I shook my hands because they were wet from the rain running down them from my coat, and the three rings on my right little finger shot off my hand and into a dark corner. I wouldn’t have realised that it had happened but they twinkled as they fell. Luckily the choir leader had a torch so I found them with a couple of other choir members help. I’ve lost weight and my fingers have got a bit thinner. Anyway, despite the problem with losing my rings, and the croaky voice, I’m glad I went out. It’s such a nice atmosphere there.

From bad to worse?

Not this one…

But while I was having tea tonight I realised one of my rings was missing. One hubby had given me on our anniversary a few years ago. I’d had to wait for it because the one in the shop was a size too big. I eventually got it, gold with some diamond chips.

I suddenly looked down at my hand and felt something was missing. I did a double take and squinted, not realising it was gone. Just thinking it had shrunk….?

Searching, in bins, no, going through the recycling, no, but it must have slid off. I’ve lost a bit more weight and all my rings are getting loose. In the pedal bin, no, in the kitchen, on the floor? No…. Panic, where was it. Coat pockets, no, dressing gown pocket? No. Another bad thing today… Looked on the floor and swept up. No. Can’t vacuum incase it gets sucked up.

I remember a senior manager getting some students to search for her diamond ring through full vacuum cleaner bags! That was years ago.

Oh where are you? Handbag, got a torch… A GLINT of GOLD!

Oh great!!! I won’t need to contact the places we visited, or our insurance.

Where is it now? On my other little finger, crammed between two other ones. Hopefully safe now.

Ivy fairy

Found in the garden under a bush. She was wrapped in ivy and laurel leaves. Lost in our garden. A wood fairy or sprite, turned not to stone, but sadly only resin. Still, she slowly danced through spring and autumn, summer and winter. Slowly submerged in vegetation. I’m glad she’s rescued. Now she’s in the yard, surrounded by petals and colours. Nasturtiums, petunias, fushias, begonias, a true flower fairy. Blooming lovely.

Art box

I thought I’d post another picture of my old art stuff. I’ve certainly collected a lot of art equipment over the years. The pastels have dried out but the pencils are still OK. The watercolours are a bit old and powdery, maybe I can use them in a painting.

Ask me how old they are? I think twenty or thirty years old? Certainly not when I was at college, but not long after that.

Where is the box now? I think its upstairs somewhere. This photo was taken a year or two ago. I have a tenancy to find things, then put them somewhere ‘safe’ again. Which means I’ll probably not see them for another ten years! Life….

He’s Back!

He’s back! Came in 3am, very thirsty, covered in dirt. Smells of smoke? I’ve looked him over, now cleaning him gently. Will take him down the vets in the morning for a check over but I just want him to rest now.

He’s really dirty. I think he must have been stuck somewhere. He’s a bit whezy so I’ll take him to the vets later…

How does this work?

I found this upstairs earlier so I put some batteries in and then watched the sparks flitting round the inside of the sphere. Hubby says it must have a partial vacuum inside it and the colour is possibly caused by Argon?

Does anyone know how it works….

Anyway it made for some interesting photos. But really I’d like to know if it proves any physics theories?

Found photo

I found this in the front bedroom while having a clear out. It’s the photo I used to base a painting of my old cat on. Looking up the stairs at the window. It’s great to find it, it brings back great memories of a very friendly intelligent cat. She used to like sitting in the sun on the windowledge. She would sit there in the mornings until the sun moved round to the other side of the house, then she would move to the bedroom window, or she would come downstairs and go out into the garden. Good memories.