Another one of my digital drawings that I did on the Sketchfu website (closed a few years ago). This was Frodo and his sword Sting. I’m re-reading the Lord of the Rings and they have just come through Moria where Gandalf falls into an abyss with the Balrog. Reading a book is different to seeing a film, the story is visualised by you, not by a digital animator. Frodo looks like your imagined hobbit, not someone acting him. That said I did like this actor, Elijah Wood, but I also liked Ian Holm who played him in the BBC radio series.


One of my old digital drawings on a now defunct website called Sketchfu. I drew it when the Lord of the Rings came out. I have forgotten the actor who played him although I know Orlando Bloom played Legolas. I know the actor also played a long distance horse rider in a film about a horse that races over the Sahara. The horse wasn’t pure blood but one of Americas wild mustang horses. I can’t remember the film name! My memory is getting full of holes….

The Colour Room

Mural of Clarice Cliff umbrella tea set I painted at the leopard Hotel.

I’m excited, a film about the life of Clarice Cliff, the Art Deco pottery painter and designer has just come out on film. I’ve also found out some of my friends are extras in the film! I want to find out if I can go and see it at a local screening.

Clarice Cliff is famous for designs such as “bizzare” and other geometric shaped pots painted in colourful and stylish patterns. She was working in the 1930’s at the same time as other paintresses such as Suzy Cooper. Apologies for my lack of information. If you look her up on Wikipedia or perhaps the museum services at Stoke-on-Trent City Council. She is very famous here. X

Digital Marilyn

A digital drawing I did of Marilyn Munroe a few years ago. It was very hard to get her features right. I’m not sure what film the image was taken from but it might have been ‘some like it hot’ which also starred Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

The story is that they are escaping gangsters and escape by dressing as women and joining a woman’s Jazz band. Marilyn is the singer of the band. If you ever want to cheer yourself up I would recommend the film.

The good the bad and the ugly….

My hubby is watching an old spaghetti western ‘the good the bad and the ugly’ and suddenly the theme music is playing, ah ah ah ahh wahh ah wah.. Wah…

Memory of a junior school dance class. Having to try and do an interpretive dance to the music. It must have been when the film came out. I remember having to do the same to music from the film ‘Oliver!’ I remember I didn’t have an interpretive bone in my body.

I’m watching a film set in a dusty desert. The music is great, but I hate the dubbing of voices on the film. I hadn’t realised it stars a young Clint Eastwood. I don’t think I’ve ever watched it before.

Favourite A Christmas Carol film

There are lots of film versions of A Christmas Carol by Charles Darwin. Of them there are several that I really enjoyed. One with Sir Patrick Stewart starring in it, and also Micheal Caine in Muppet Christmas Carol. But my favourite is Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, starring Alistair Sim.

Made in Black and White in 1951, it tells the story of the transformation of the miser, Scrooge, following his haunting by first, his deceased partner Jacob Martley, and then the three ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

Over the course of the film Scrooge learns that his ideas of how people should live are cruel, uncharitable and miserly. He suddenly realises that he can change.

Alistair Sim’s portrayal of Scrooge is a revaluation. He goes from mean and grim to happy (and giggling). His face shows his emotions, you can see what he is thinking. It’s a wonderful piece of acting.

The DVD is out!

Humanus, the film we are extras in, has been released. Its a comedy, musical, romance, mystery, horror, zombie movie. Made by members of inter-theatre last year, it stars people of different abilities and including Niel Baldwin (Nello) who was the subject of the BBCs ‘Marvellous’ film.

I don’t know if it’s out on general release but it did win some awards at a film festival. If you want to look it up its called Humanus, directed by Steve Mitchell.

Films I want to see.

I ddon’t have cable or streaming services but I’d really like to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind again. I first saw it when it came out in the 1970’s. I think I remember being in a queue that went round the block the cinema was in. I’d never seen anything like the film. The special effects, lights and music got me! I loved Richard Dreyfus’s performance.

No spoilers here. The film is old enough that some people may not have seen it. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. But it’s a very good film. I urge you to see it.

And the winner is…

Last year my hubby and I were extras in a film called Humanus. Since its release we haven’t heard much about it but we knew it was going to be entered into a film festival.

Now I’ve just seen this on Facebook. It’s a shame about the font Flicks film festival uses! But the film won in five categories in the August monthly awards. Best Acting Ensemble, Comedy, Romance, Horror and Musical. Wow I’m amazed. Well done to everyone involved.

War of the worlds film


Going from something I love, to something I hate.

I hate this film, starring Tom Cruise. I admit its very good. But it’s so bleak. It’s a horror road movie, everyone running, panicking, and getting killed.

When I first watched it years ago I was mesmerised by the special effects. But now, it’s on during a pandemic, and I can see how people react to a tiny virus. How would they react to something larger and malevolent.

I don’t want to give too many details as people may not have watched it. But I guess I’ve pretty much explained what happens… Guy meets monster, guy runs away from monster, monster finds guy…. Guy escapes….

There was a version on BBC TV a few months ago. It was more directly based on the original book by H. G. Wells. Set in Victorian times, it was still chilling.

So I really want cheerful films, but hubby vetoed me.